AkelPad 4.6.0

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AkelPad - is an open source editor for plain text. It is designed to be a small and fast.

Changed: plugin architecture. Update plugins.
Changed: improved compatibility with RichEdit on x64.
Changed: improved UTF-16LE/UTF-16BE detection without BOM.
Changed: improved internal work with recent files.
Changed: closing tab with middle mouse click without activation, if possible (MDI/PMDI).
Changed: column marker flashing minimized.
Changed: TextLayout plugin integrated in program. Switching keyboard layout according to text under caret. Requires two or more layouts, one of which must be English.
Changed: renamed parameter "KeybLayoutMDI" in "KeybLayoutOptions".

Added: possibility to show places bar in open/save dialog.
Added: applying a common algorithm for recognizing the UTF-8, if for the specified language ("Settings...->Codepage recognition") recognition of UTF-8 unsuccessful.
Added: column marker movement with mouse and Shift key and also moves wrap limit if their values are equal.
Added: option for cycle search.
Added: second find/replace dialog call activates it and picks up the selected text.
Added: manual parameters "CmdLineBegin" and "CmdLineEnd" - specifies code to be added to the beginning and end of the command line before processing it.
Added: variables for "StatusUserFormat":
"%al" - count of lines in document;
"%ar" - count of symbols in document (RichEdit);
"%se[text]" - text to appear when end of the document reached during search.
Added: flag 16 in the manual parameter "PaintOptions" - disable marker painting after last line.
Added: undo buffer remember the caret position.
Added: parameter for waiting until the program finishes in command line method /Exec().
Added: menu item to open help.
Added: Ctrl+Num/ hotkey to restore font size that was at the program start.

Fixed: edit window updating after text deletion.
Fixed: ignoring left mouse button click.
Fixed: WordBreak parameter.
Fixed: scroll position after restoring minimized window with word wrap on (MDI).
Fixed: "|" in /Insert() command line method.
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