Calibre 0.8.6

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.


New Features
Builtin support for downloading and installing/updating calibre plugins. Go to Preferences->Plugins and click 'Get new plugins'
When updates for installed plugins are available, calibre will automatically (unobtrusively) notify you
Metadata download configuration: Allow defining a set of 'default' fields for metadata download and quichly switching to/from them
Allow clicking on the news category in the Tag Browser to display all downloaded periodicals
Driver for the Libre Air
Email sending: Allow user to stop email jobs (note that stopping may not actually prevent the email from being sent, depending on when the stop happens). Also automatically abort email sending if it takes longer than 15mins.
Closes tickets: 795960 [External link]

Bug Fixes
MOBI Output: Allow setting of background color on tables also set the border attribute on the table if the table has any border related css defined.
Closes tickets: 797580 [External link]
Nook TSR: Put news sent to the device in My Files/Newspapers instaed of My Files/Books.
Closes tickets: 796674 [External link]
MOBI Output: Fix a bug where linking to the very first element in an HTML file could sometimes result in the link pointing to the last element in the previous file.
Closes tickets: 797214 [External link]
CSV catalog: Convert HTML comments to plain text
HTML Input: Ignore links to text files.
Closes tickets: 791568 [External link]
EPUB Output: Change orphaned tags to
as they cause ADE to crash.
Fix 'Stop selected jobs' button trying to stop the same job multiple times
Database: Explicitly test for case sensitivity on OS X instead of assuming a case insensitive filesystem.
Closes tickets: 796258 [External link]
Get Books: More fixes to the Amazon store plugin
FB2 Input: Do not specify font families/background colors

New news sources
Christian Post, Down To Earth and Words Without Borders by sexymax15
Noticias R7 by Diniz Bortolotto
UK Daily Mirror by Dave Asbury
New Musical Express Magazine by scissors

Improved news sources
Philadelphia Inquirer
Macleans Magazone
Metro UK
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Tools and Utilities

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