MediaInfo 0.7.46

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MediaInfo supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file.

+ Ukrainian translation updated:
+ MXF: TrackName:
+ DCP: Basic support (video and audio streams), both Interop and SMPTE versions:
+ P2 Clip: Supporting directories with wrong letter case:
+ MXF: detection of AES3/Dolby E in mono PCM streams without compression scheme:
+ MP4: first frame duration difference if first frame has not the same duration than all other frames:
+ MP4: frame rate set as CFR if only the first frame has a different duration:
+ MP4: Handling of track duration smaller than media duration (track duration and stream size have priority):
+ #3348936, MXF: OP-Atom profile:
+ Matroska, Stereo Layout support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau:
x libcurl (FTP/HTTP): seek request was buggy, invalid data was read:
x MPEG Video in MPEG-TS or MP4: streams were wrongly detected as VBR or CBR, any bit rate mode is removed until a working solution is found:
x AES (S302M): was no more detected if the packet was split in several PES:
x #3325235, Vorbis: streams were wrongly reported as CBR:
x EXR: Width/Height were 1 less than real value:
x #3344635, MP4/MOV: Delay missing if timecode track found before audio/video, thanks to Peter Chapman
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Works on:
Windows, Linux, Mac

Product page: here

Download: MediaInfo 0.7.46

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