Calibre 0.8.9

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calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.


New Features
Kobo Touch: Display Preview Tag for book previews on the device
Improved display of grouped search terms in Tag Browser
When adding HTML files to calibre, add an option to process links in breadth first rather than depth first order. Access it via Preferences->Plugins and customize the HTML to ZIP plugin
Conversion pipeline: Add option to control if duplicate entries are allowed when generating the Table of Contents from links.
Closes tickets: 806095 [External link]
Metadata download: When merging results, if the query to the xisbn service hangs, wait no more than 10 seconds. Also try harder to preserve the month when downlaoding published date. Do not throw away isbnless results if there are some sources that return isbns and some that do not.
Closes tickets: 798309 [External link]
Get Books: Remove OpenLibrary since it has the same files as Allow direct downloading from Project Gutenberg.
Add functions to the template language that allow getting the last modified time and size of the individual format files for a book. Also add a has_cover() function.

Bug Fixes
Fix true/false searches dont work on device views
Closes tickets: 807262 [External link]
Fix renaming of collections in device views
Closes tickets: 807256 [External link]
Fix regression that broke the use of the device_db plugboard
Closes tickets: 806483 [External link]
Kobo driver: Hide Expired Book Status for deleted books. Also fix regression that broke connecting to Kobo devices running very old firmware.
Closes tickets: 802083 [External link]
Fix bug in 0.8.8 that could cause the metadata.db to be left in an unusable state if calibre is interrupted at just the wrong moment or if the db is stored in dropbox
Fix sorting of composite custom columns that display numbers.

New news sources
Blog da Cidadania and Noticias UnB by Diniz Bortolotto
Galicia Confidential by Susana Sotelo Docio
South China Morning Post by llam
Szinti Derigisi by thomass

Improved news sources
Computer Act!ve
Metro News NL
Spiegel Online International
Telegraph UK
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