Kazaa Lite Resurrection F

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 05 2005 @ 21:43 CET by LSDsmurf F - Released January 2nd 2005
  • Added Arabic Language
  • Added option to associate KLR with Magnet links if Sig2dat is installed
  • Added option to update bad IP ranges if Bad IP Updater is installed
  • Added selection of shared folder to setup
  • Added Sig2dat 3.11.a
  • Changed some registry settings
  • Fixed KLR connection problems
  • Miscellaneous changes
  • New More Comprehensive Banned IP Ranges list maintained by Ricky on FSP
  • Removed Virtualdub
  • Removed ProtoWall 2.0
  • Updated Bad IP Updater 1.4 to Bad IP Updater 1.5
  • Updated All Translations
  • Updated setup
  • Updated User Fix

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Version: F
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Download: Kazaa Lite Resurrection F

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