Another Bittorrent Client 3.1 RC 1

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 27 2005 @ 01:37 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Worked a bit on the duplicate torrent handling code:
    • For various reasons (the new way that config info for torrents in the list is saved among others), you can no longer add a torrent to the list if it's already in the list
    • Torrents are no longer detected as duplicates if the "duplicate" file is exactly the same as the file in the orrent directory
      What this means is:
    • You won't be able to add a torrent that has the same .torrent filename or infohash as something in the list
    • Pretty much the only time you'd see a dialog asking to replace an existing torrent would be if it's not already in the list and the .torrent file has the same name as one in the /torrent directory, but different content (i.e.: if you download a torrent that has the same name as an old torrent file, but a different tracker)
  • Updated the bandwidth distribution methods to use a variation of Kratoak5's current code.
  • The display will be updated a little less:
    • List items only get updated if the text is actually different from what's currently displayed
    • The list won't be updated at all while ABC is minimized (The whole list will get a full refresh when restoring ABC)
      This should cut down on CPU usage some when running ABC in the background
    • added the wx.CLIP_CHILDREN property to some of the toolbars (reduces flicker when resizing)
  • Given the issues that kratoak5 found with win98 and py2exe's bundle_files option, I've reverted the build process back to the old method of having multiple files.
  • All of the test builds except the very latest have been removed from the webserver -- I've moved them to the sourceforge server, but marked them as hidden. You should be able to use the same syntax as other sourceforge downloads to get to them, though.

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