musikCube 1.0 RC2

Posted on Wednesday, Oct 26 2005 @ 21:07 CEST by LSDsmurf

- added: installer now downloads additional format plugins from the internet when selected
- added: users can now physically copy songs to devices by means of drag and drop: simply grab a group of songs and drop them on the device.
- added: drop feedback when dragging items over items in the sources control
- added: drop feedback when rearranging playlist items
- added: "at" to default auto-capitalize list.
- changed: separated core_Internal.dll into core_mp3.dll, core_ogg.dll, core_flac.dll, core_net.dll, core_cdda
- changed: default song highlight color
- changed: layout of batch retag dialog
- fixed: mini player to always display correct song
- fixed: some glitches when mixing songs with different libraries in Now Playing.
- fixed: the infamous 'tunage hanging' problem
- fixed: bug where playlist highlighting was ignored
- fixed: search results are now ordered properly
- fixed: database would not load if there were certain characters in the username
- fixed: devices are now listed in the same order they appear in explorer
- fixed: songs would not play if a device's letter changed
- fixed: device synchronization would fail if device's drive letter changed.
- fixed: songs would no longer play on a device if it's drive letter changed.
- fixed: multiple bugs related to cd playback
- fixed: sources drag/drop handling completely rewritten
- fixed: miniPlayer's slider color matches musikCube's.
- fixed: glitchy sources behavior when showing/hiding nodes
- fixed: drag and drop registration for playlist view instead of list
- fixed: redraw issue with slider controls
- fixed: small playlist drop/arrange bug where songs would be reordered off by 1
- removed: apply button from the preferences
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1.0 RC2
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