Kaspersky Anti-Virus WS 5.0.175

Posted on Friday, Jan 14 2005 @ 18:14 CET by LSDsmurf

The following features have been added:
  • support for detecting potentially unwanted software using extended anti-virus database: potentially dangerous riskware and hacking software, adware and pornware, programs-jokes;
  • support for launching the updating procedure and the anti-virus scan using any user's rights that allows to perform the following actions automatically or remotely from the administration console: anti-virus scan and disinfection of user's automatic startup objects, MS Outlook/MS Outlook Express mailboxes, encrypted files and files located on the network drives, updating via a proxy-server that uses NTML authorization;
  • a possibility of automatic updating using the administration server;
  • a possibility to configure anti-virus scan initiated from MS Windows Explorer and using the Scan objects link;
  • a possibility to perform update and anti-virus scan immediately after the application startup using the At the application startup option in the Schedule tab of the task settings;
  • a possibility to save user-defined settings after the installation of a new application version;
  • displaying the number of records in the anti-virus database in the main application window;
  • effect of some settings on the anti-virus protection level, such as numbers SMTP/POP3 ports, enabling iChecker and iStreams technologies and enabling prompting for password upon detection of a password-protected file;
  • absense of the full path to composite files stored in the quarantine/backup storage;
  • a possibility to replace a "black list" license keys file with an earlier version.

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