Winamp 5.2 beta build 393

Posted on Wednesday, February 01 2006 @ 14:15 CET by LSDsmurf

  • Fixes a memory leak when using playlist winshade mode in the modern skin.
  • Fixes in_mp3 security hole.
  • Added experimental skin-colored icons to media library tree - let us know what you think.
  • Changed the "Devices" parent node (in media library) to "Rip & Burn". The dialog on this page is still in the experimental phase.
  • Portable Media Player fixes
  • Miscellaneous fixes (I'm sure Egg will remind us what they are, but I forgot
  • Fixed blank titles for unknown filetypes ("Fixed in_mp3 blankness. Still gotta fix in_vorbis")
  • Fixed blank titles when atf is disabled (uses default "artist - title")
  • Fixed not all tracks showing in ml for cd's ripped to m4a
  • Fixed tracklength display for mp3's with CRCs
  • Fixed tracklength displaying as 0:00 for dragged url's
  • Fixed "Show Winamp in folder context menus" always being checked on upgrades
  • Fixed winamp not loading if winamp.m3u is deleted or read-only
  • Fixed reading of id3 tags not written in Unicode or ISO-8859-1

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5.2 beta build 393
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