Zoom Player 5.00 Technology Preview

Posted on Saturday, February 04 2006 @ 19:49 CET by LSDsmurf

The Media Library interface has been rewritten, split into multiple screens (one screen for Filtering Selection, one for category listing, one for file listing and one for command control (not yet implemented)). Easily accessible using the right/left controls.

All navigation interfaces are undergoing transformation (not yet complete), with the goal of having them all inter-connected under the new Main Navigator.

Besides the rest of the changes listed below, there are many invisible changes to the way ZP stores information on file listings. This is one of the reasons for this preview, there have been major underlaying code changes that may have introduced bugs into how files entries are manged within ZP and I would like everything to be tested as much as possible.

The reason behind these changes is so new features could be introduced, such as sorting in the media library, sorting by new fields such as Genre (not implemented yet). Basically making Zoom Player much easier to extend with regards to meta-data information.

And lastly, during the last few years, we havn't had a clear guideline with regards to how registration will work with future releases. With v5, we have formilized a new registration guideline. Registered users will be able to use upcoming versions within 1 year of purchase. The new guideline comes into effect with this preview version of Zoom Player 5.
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5.00 Technology Preview
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