Mozilla Camino 1.0 RC1

Posted on Tuesday, February 07 2006 @ 15:03 CET by LSDsmurf

  • General
    • Camino is now built as a universal binary, and runs natively on PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs.
    • Remapped command-scroll to standard scroll. Scrolling while holding the Control key now changes text size, and scrolling while holding the Option key navigates through history.
    • Added command-shift-L as shortcut for Email Page Location.
    • Fixed several tooltip issues.
    • Fixed user interface lockups that occurred when Camino displayed up a sheet or window while a modal dialog or sheet was already open.
    • Fixed an issue causing sheets to appear in the lower-left corner of the screen.
    • Fixed a problem causing loss of focus when hiding and then showing Camino.
    • Fixed an issue where showing a sheet in one window would cause backwards typing in other windows.
  • Bookmarks
    • Implemented bookmark arranging:
      • Selecting a single folder will sort its children.
      • Selecting two or more items will sort them together.
      • Holding down the Option key will do a deep sort of all selected items.
      • If nothing is selected, the current collection is sorted (if allowed).
    • Re-ordered the bookmarks and history context menus slightly to reduce the number of separators.
    • Fixed the bookmarks toolbar to update appropriately when items are re-ordered.
    • The outline and table views now respond to the home and end keys by scrolling to the top and bottom.
    • When the bookmarks file is corrupt, a copy is now saved.
    • Changed "Last visit" to "Visits" in the Bookmark Info panel.
  • Downloads
    • "Show in Finder" is now allowed for in-progress downloads.
    • Fixed an occasional crash that occurred when clearing the download list.
  • Localisation
    • Bookmarks toolbar and menu folders now have localized names.
    • Several other missing strings were added to the Localized.strings file.

Program Information

Internet and communication

1.0 RC1
Works on:
Mac OS

Product page: here

Download: Mozilla Camino 1.0 RC1

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