MediaMonkey beta 2

Posted on Saturday, February 11 2006 @ 12:45 CET by LSDsmurf

- Added ability to scroll through multiple Album Art entries with wheel mouse
- Added ability to import metadata from Windows Media Player when scanning
- Added transparent synchronization support for Sony Ericsson walkman phones
- Added lyrics support for iPod synchronization
- Updated flac encoder/decoder to version 1.1.2
- Improved synchronization speed of MTP devices significantly
- Improved iPod synchronization when genre = Audiobook (resume playback & not incl. in shuffle)
- Fixed iPod synchronization - non-music entries (podcasts/movies) are not written correctly
- Fixed synchronization fails to manually delete tracks on UMS devices using the WMDM plugin
- Fixed synchronization of tracks via Location node don't use synch mask
- Fixed synchronization of Album/Artist creates unwanted .m3us for MTP devices with DBs
- Fixed synchronization of Album Art for some MTP devices
- Fixed synchronization should never delete filetypes that MM doesn't understand
- Fixed setting genre to null causes multiple track update
- Fixed data CD Burning burns tracks in incorrect order
- Fixed $ character in masks doesn't work as expected
- Fixed mouse gestures can't be completely disabled
- Fixed keyboard shortcuts missing for some actions
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