AutoHotkey 1.0.42

Posted on Sunday, February 12 2006 @ 2:30 CET by LSDsmurf

  • Fixed expressions such as "If not Installed" not to be misinterpreted as "If not in List". [thanks Toralf]
  • Fixed certain unusual situations where a hotkey would unnecessarily require the keyboard hook.
  • Fixed vkNNN hotkeys to be handled by the hook when that VK is also used as a prefix for other hotkeys.
  • Fixed #IfWin's automatic disabling of prefix keys work properly if Suspend is ON.
  • Fixed minor hotkey issues on Windows 95/98/Me: 1) The wildcard prefix (*) is ignored and such hotkeys are put into effect rather than being disabled; 2) Non-wildcard hotkeys that are a subset of a wildcard hotkey are put into effect rather than being disabled; 3) A left/right hotkey such as >#x is put into effect as Win-X rather than simply "X".
  • Changed the Hotkey command to create a new variant (when appropriate) rather than always updating any existing hotkey of that name. Please update your scripts accordingly.
  • Changed hotkeys to recognize ^!c as being the same as !^c (different symbol order). This also affects the Hotkey command.
  • Improved the Hotkey command to support UseErrorLevel and context-sensitive hotkeys (via "Hotkey IfWinActive/Exist").
  • Improved #IfWinActive/Exist to support Windows9x. In addition, the keyboard hook is now avoided whenever possible. Finally, #IfWin now sets the Last Found Window.
  • Improved the following commands to support TListBox/TComboBox and possibly others: Control (Add/Delete/Choose/ChooseString); and ControlGet (FindString/Choice/List).
  • Added support for hotkey and hotstring variants (duplicates). Such hotkeys perform a different action (or none at all) depending on the type of window that is active or exists.

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