Weather Watcher 5.6.6

Posted on Monday, February 13 2006 @ 16:24 CET by LSDsmurf

  • ADDED: New template codes for download and updated times ([DOWNLOADED DATETIME], [UPDATED DATETIME]).
  • ADDED: New template codes for wind gust only ([WIND GUST], [WIND GUST PLAIN]).
  • ADDED: Sunset/sunrise times to "DAY" tab of Splendid forecast skin.
  • ADDED: "Set tray icon to Italic when update attempt fails" option in "Auto Update" tab of Weather Watcher Options window.
  • ADDED: Splendid forecast skin option to display a red thermometer when above freezing, and a blue thermometer when below freezing.
  • CHANGED: Splendid forecast skin options are applied when options window is closed.
  • CHANGED: Spendid forecast skin "MOON" tab now shows moon for current day.
  • CHANGED: Reordered items in "DAY" tab mouse-overs of Splendid forecast skin.
  • FIXED: Repositioned Splendid forecast skin barometer gauge mouse-over.
  • FIXED: Weather Watcher was not remembering screen position when restarted.
  • FIXED: Can now set Weather Watcher tray icon to "Always show".
  • FIXED: "Browse..." buttons in "Export" and "Log" tabs of the Weather Watcher Options window were not correctly showing the selected path.
  • FIXED: Due to an IE security setting, the thermometer and barometer gauges were not displaying for some users.

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