DC++ 0.685

Posted on Tuesday, February 14 2006 @ 20:54 CET by LSDsmurf

  • Fixed "browse list" being available for NMDC users
  • [ADC] Removed obsolete CI field
  • Fixed missing upload progress
  • [bug 89] Readded dynamic compression disabling
  • Added filelist download speed to filelist browser status bar
  • Added advanced hublist filter (thanks trem)
  • [bug 579] Fixed 0-byte files not being created if directory doesn't exist
  • [bug 804] Cleaned up project files (thanks pothead)
  • Socket buffer size = 0 now means use system default
  • [bug 789] Fixed wrong nick being copied (thanks ullner)
  • [bug 794] [ADC] Fixed automatic reconnect (thanks ullner)
  • [bug 806] Fixed description for favorite hubs (thanks ullner)
  • Updated to latest ADC specs, this will break 0.68/0.681/0.6811 queue sources and fav users (for NMDC as well)
  • Fixed a bufferedsocket crash
  • [ADC] Fixed quitting user processing (thanks ullner)
  • Clarified upload speed setting (thanks pothead)
  • Manual away setting no longer cleared when un-minimizing (thanks pothead)
  • Search result automatching waits with match until file list is downloaded if auto-matching enabled
  • Slight performance improvement when sending files
  • Fixed an issue with nick names disappearing from hub
  • Added customizable maximum user count when autosearching
  • Changed to open source version unicows for win9x users, perhaps this one will work better for you (see it as a last attempt; if it doesn't work, w9x support will be phased out completely unless someone else solves the win9x issues)
  • [bug 774] Fixed invalid description being sent if hub modifies it
  • [bug 818] Fixed default exit mnemonic
  • Fixed some more crashes (thanks bigmuscle)
  • Fixed some shutdown issues
  • Updated country database

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