Monkey's Audio 4.01 beta 2

Posted on Sunday, February 19 2006 @ 15:38 CET by LSDsmurf

- Fixed: File > Exit would not close the program.
- Fixed: Typo on the options dialog "Leave source file intact" option.
- Fixed: APX files that weren't NULL terminated could cause a crash.
- Fixed: Files that were skipped would show "Error" instead of "Skipped" in the status column.
- Changed: Improved the error reporting in the status column after a failure.
- Fixed: Possible small memory leak (100 bytes) on missing file decompression / conversion errors.
- Changed: Increased the statusbar size to better hold batches of 100+ GBs of files.
- Changed: The file list will scroll to show newly started files during processing.
- Fixed: Adding or removing files from the file list is no longer allowed during processing.
- Changed: Pausing processing no longer distorts the time estimation.
- Fixed: Some operations would not pause properly. (external encoders, etc.)
- Fixed: The list control would flicker more than necessary when working with long lists of files.
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4.01 beta 2
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