Posted on Sunday, February 19 2006 @ 15:39 CET by LSDsmurf

- screensaver is now disabled in fullscreen mode
- fixed stupid bug that caused some systems to start up with Belarusian language (effectively showing nothing but question marks in the UI)
- added "higher priority" option. THIS IS ACTIVATED BY DEFAULT, so be warned that you'll run into trouble with some graphics cards if you use a "off-the-shelf" MPlayer version instead of the one that comes with MPUI
- added -softvol option, enables playback with volume settings way above 100%
- whole directories can now be added to the playlist; however, the UI will be unresponsive while adding the directories (this will be fixed soon)
- added fullscreen controls: simple move the mouse to the bottom of the screen
- added right-click popup menu
- not using ShowCursor() any longer (like in <1.1.2) because the cursor would be invisible in the popup menu in fullscreen mode
- added "compact mode" (without caption, menu bar and navigation). Note that some keyboard shortcuts (Alt+n for example) don't work in this mode.
- fixed position of some (but not all) keyboard shortcut hints in the menus; I hope there are no side effects since this involved a change in the shortcut handling system, too
- changed "always on top" shortcut from Ctrl+T to just T
- "always on top" mode should no longer interfere with fullscreen mode
- the technical/internal captions for untranslated controls were changed into terse, but clear english ones
- compiled with Delphi 6 again, because D2005, despite having XP style support, got the menus totally wrong: checked items were indistinguishable from unchecked ones
- added the Ukrainian translation I got some time ago, but never integrated
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