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Myself and the beta team have put a lot of effort into this release, not only with the program itself, but also with the forum. Thanks to generosity of SVP Communications, we've managed to put together a 'Drives & Media' testing sub-forum. The new sub-forum is basically a collection of threads where we've burnt + scanned almost every type of disc/dye that we could get our hands on (46 different ones so far). There is also a nice new guide available that'll tell you how to get the most out of the Queue system. (Thanks Corny ;-) ) If everyone who likes my program donates $2 (or whatever they can afford), I'll be able get more drives working, test with more types of media and add more exciting new features!

  • Queue can now switch drives/write speed on a per image basis.
  • Verify now displays which file the error was in - if/when a miscompare occurs.
  • Filesystem parsing within Image Files has been improved to include the ISO9660 FS too.
  • A check for AnyDVD / DVD43 (displayed as 'Interfering programs') - as they could potentially modify data when it's being verified - resulting in a 'Miscompare' error.
  • 'Sort By Name' to context menu in Queue window.
  • 'Sort By Name (Ignore Path)' to context menu in Queue window.
  • 'Image Files' as an option for IBG default path options within the settings. This means the IBG gets put in the same folder as the source Image file.
  • %V to custom IBG filename options within the settings. %V stands for 'Volume Identifier' A.K.A. Volume Label.
  • 'Compress Spaces' to custom IBG filename options within the settings.
  • Ability to click column header in Queue window and have it 'sort by name'.
  • Ability to tell Write mode to tell Verify mode to not compare against the file - so it behaves more like where it just checked the sectors could be read.
  • Ability to have Verify mode ignore non user data within sectors. i.e. So with Mode1/2352 images, it only compares the real 2048 user data bytes.
  • Support for loading / saving IBG v2.0 files - to take into account the new options for queued items.
  • '/TESTMODE' CLI switch.
  • Settings fixing/deleting within the installation program depending on current action (downgrade / reinstall / upgrade).
  • Ability to synchronise device selection within the various modes.
  • Ability to synchronise options in ISO Write / Discovery modes (i.e. Test Mode, Verify and Write Speed).
  • 'DVDRAM FastWrite' to Write settings. This is pretty much a bodge to disable the 'verify' part that's built into normal DVDRAM burning.
  • 'Burnt Copies' to Queue window.
  • Increased max copies from 20 to 100.
  • Image details are now updated/refreshed when you start to burn. Previously they were just read when the image was loaded / queued up.
  • Graph data for Verify process (after write process) is now added to IBG file.
  • Option to have the 'Reserve Track' command issued when burning DVD+R/+RW format media. Normally it's just issued for DVD-R/-RW media.
  • 'Verify / Delete Image / Close Program / Shutdown Computer' checkboxes to all modes.
  • Advanced Settings dialog for BenQ / Plextor drives to control special features like PowerRec, WOPC, OverSpeed etc.
  • Verify can now be told to ignore an error and go on to verifying the next one.
  • Workaround to make 'Wait for background format' work on Pioneer drives that don't follow the MMC spec. (Even the 110 has this problem!)
  • Media information to log when erasing discs.
  • Ability to enable/disable 'Stay On Top' for Queue window from within the settings.
  • Little 'Refresh' buttons to the Advanced Settings and Booktype windows.
  • Shutdown dialog (with 'Abort' button and a 10 second timeout) for when the program is supposed to shut the pc down.
  • 'Book Type' to verify log.
  • Ability to get IFO layer break position from 2054 bytes per sector (mastering style) DVD images.
  • Improved methods used to find potential layer break position.
  • Information about midpoint of Image file to the Layerbreak window. The nearer to this value the layerbreak position is, the more compatible with players the final disc will be.
  • Support for '.di' (Prassi / TraxData ONES) images.
  • Support for erasing BD-RE media. (well, fixed it really!)
  • 'LightScribe' and 'Labelflash' entries to Device Capabilities window.
  • Verify now counts up all the errors in a given sector and shows that number in the first (and only) miscompare warning.
  • Extra right click 'Apply xxxx setting to selected' options to the Queue window.
  • A 'MB' (megabytes) value to the 'Not enough space on disc' dialog box.
  • Updating the drive / write speed in the main window now also refreshes the Queue window.
  • A delete button to the 'previous image' section of the 'Please insert next disc...' window.
  • Auto retries to the 'cycling tray before verify' bit of code - useful for when the drive sometimes fails to initialise the disc - it'll then auto eject + reinsert it again.
  • 'Share Images Amongst Drives' & 'Share Selected Images Amongst Drives' options to context menu in Queue window.
  • 'Select All' & 'Invert Selection' options to context menu in Queue window.
  • 'Sequential Scan' flag to command used when reading files. This seems to speed things up when reading over a network.
  • Support for multiboot gcm images.
  • Option to make ImgBurn the default application for the files it's associated with in the registry
  • A second icon to the exe that people can use for files associated with the program.
  • Checking for minimum version requirement of DVDInfoPro before attempting to display an IBG file with it.
  • Volume Label change code now updates EDC/ECC area of 2336/2352/2448 byte sector images - would have previously failed Verify.
  • 'HD DVD-RW' to 'HD DVD-RAM' (the new correct name for it).
  • Slight redesign of the 'Insert next disc...' dialog.
  • Maximum Speed (calculated over 2.5 seconds) value can now only be 20% bigger than average speed (calculated over 10 seconds), or else it is ignored. Might cut down on spikes caused by drives caching the IO requests.
  • Added an aligned buffer to one of the DeviceIoControls commands - used to enable/disable media change notification.
  • The 'Supported Write Speeds' now ensures only 1 instance of a certain speed is shown. i.e. no more 'Supported Write Speeds: 2x, 2x, 4x, 4x, 8x, 8x, 16x, 16x'
  • Sorting the Queue didn't update the file shown in the main window.
  • Enabling 'Delete The Image File When Done' caused problems if 'Copies' (within the queue) was set at more than 1, or if the image was queued again. Queue is now checked to ensure the image isn't going to be used again before it's deleted.
  • Redraw (empty box!) problem on device drop down comboboxes.
  • Overburning 'Reserve Track' problem on Plextor and other burners.
  • 'Reached EOF' error on PDI etc images.
  • Incorrect MSF value in some places.
  • Bug (access violation) deleting all items from Queue window.
  • Bug with discovery mode showing 0 sectors when verifying - and verify not actually doing anything.
  • Issues with my custom component - as used in Discovery mode for Sectors / MB stuff. It didn't display the correct number under Window 9x unless the program started in Discovery mode.
  • Bug in UDF parsing code. Would only find/search about 39 files (max) when searching files for layerbreak info.
  • Potential workaround for 'PlaySound' API hanging.
  • Log window not always coming to foreground when app is activated - it appears like it's not visible/enabled.
  • Removed dots from auto IBG naming with 'date' parameter.
  • Certain actions could lead to cancelling a close/shutdown but the shutdown part still being enabled - hence when program is finally closed, the pc shuts down.
  • Problem with updating the IFO's after figuring out a new layer break flag needed to be added.

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