Dr. DivX 2.0 beta 7

Posted on Saturday, February 25 2006 @ 17:59 CET by LSDsmurf

o Add a graph of the output frames in the Job status window
o Remove the Metadata saving until DivX Media Format is stable
o Move all the settings from the registry to an XML file
o Add drag and drop file support to Input widget
o Add Watch folders
o Simplify the Job Batch window and move some job information in a tooltip
o Add a preview window of the video to encode in Advanced mode
o Perform quick analysis when file is loaded and start intensive analysis in background
o Allow user to change codec settings without waiting for intensive analysis to finish
o Move OutputFileSize property to profile so that user can specify target file size instead of bitrate
o Add Information Widget so that user gets up-to-date information on encoded output properties
* What's Fixed
o Cleanup the format of the log files for better usability
o Don't save a job on leaving if we're in the middle of the Analysis
o Disable tracks for which a (DirectShow) decoder is not available
o Respect aspect ratio settings when cropping is used
o Change scan duration when loading file
o Fix seeking for WMV files
o Disable tracks when decoder is not available
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2.0 beta 7
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