NewsLeecher 3.5 beta 5

Posted on Tuesday, February 28 2006 @ 13:18 CET by LSDsmurf

  • Added option to auto-hide the Group Navigation Panel (GNP). The option can be turned on/off from by checking the Pin icon on the GNP toolbar.
  • The "Pause on Low Diskspace" now features a completely user customizable space limit. More info.
  • Shotcut for Mark Old / New has been changed to 'X'.
  • Visual improvements on the Group Properties Dialog. More info.
  • Right clicking a virtual group and selecting 'unsubscribe', now unsubscribes all virtual group members.
  • Various graphical improvements (different std. font, etc)
  • Loading the News Page / SuperSearch settings now works properly no matter what regional settings you use in Windows. More info.
  • With much disk activity and a fast connection, NewsLeecher would (rarely) queue-up more and more temp files in memory and end up throwing an "out of memory" error. Fixed. More info.
  • The 'Reset Connection' feature did not reset erroneous connections. Fixed. More info.
  • Opening images from the preview panel works again. More info.
  • Crosspost filter didn't work. Fixed. More info.
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would throw an access violation when importing NZB files containing errors. More info.
  • In beta 4 it wasn't possible to use the space key to select multiple articles for downloading. Fixed.
  • Fixed bug introduced in beta 4, where the popup menu would show when a keyboyard shortcut was pressed.
  • Various small bugfixes (popup on speedlimit slider works again, etc)

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