Kerio MailServer 6.1.3

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 07 2006 @ 15:35 CET by LSDsmurf

  • New SpamAssassin engine (version 3.0.5)
  • Added support for private items. Private events, tasks and contacts are not visible in shared folders.
  • Improved debug logging of Sieve mail filters
  • New Zend Optimizer 2.5.10. Zend Optimizer is increasing speed and performance of WebMail interface on all platforms (MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)
  • Added support for handling attachments in TNEF format (winmail.dat)
  • Improved format of mail log
  • Fixed possible stability issue
  • Installing new license file in trial period could stop mail queue due to not running McAfee antivirus
  • Number of simultaneous network connections on Linux was limited by the system
  • Fixed possible crash in Linux PAM authentication when PAM uses LDAP server
  • Configuration Wizard did not ask for administration privileges when started separately
  • Configuration Wizard did always overwrite old configuration files without asking
  • Spam score in DNS blacklist was trimmed to an integer value
  • NOD32 antivirus plug-in on Linux reported an error when scanning encrypted archive
  • Fixed stability of antivirus plug-in for avast! for Kerio
  • Fixed timeout for IMAP server connections on Mac OS X
  • Fixed stability issue if the status.fld file becomes corrupted
  • LDAP search query with space returned no results
  • Some messages with obsolete format of Date header were displayed with incorrect date
  • Fixed calculating of occurrences in reoccurring events
  • E-mail sent to list-owners was lost when mailing list did not have a moderator
  • Attachment was lost when adding footer in mailing list if the message had empty e-mail body
  • E-mail headers in e-mails from mailing list were changed to uppercase
  • Mailing list was sending responses to incorrect sender address from MAIL FROM: command
  • User mailbox sometimes was not moved to selected mailbox when deleting user account
  • Fixed format of Message Delivery Notification message generated by 'reject' action in user's mail filter
  • Some contacts could be duplicated in MS Entourage 2004
  • Free/busy did not work for non-primary domain in MS Entourage 2004
  • Public folder could not be deleted in MS Entourage 2004
  • Contact notes were not synchronized in MS Entourage 2004 SP2
  • "Edit message" option did not work for saved draft messages in MS Entourage 2004
  • Custom spam rule for From: header with substring did not work

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