µTorrent 1.5

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 08 2006 @ 17:23 CET by LSDsmurf

  • Setting to determine the number of µTorrent users.
  • Use icons instead of network ok/nat error
  • Auto detect read cache size
  • Language file can be auto updated
  • Keys can be used in main listview to move to the right item
  • New easter egg
  • RSS Help button
  • Reorder RSS favorites
  • If user is running from temporary internet files, prompt to install it.
  • Added popup menu to easily change if the scheduler/dht is enabled.
  • Added log-to-file option in logger.
  • Option to always prioritize the rarest pieces.
  • Added active/inactive categories in category list
  • DEL key works in RSS history, and the last item is selected
  • RSS history remembers only 500-600 items
  • XML parser supports # tags
  • Determine the values to show in the speed popup list automatically.
  • Category list to filter main torrent list.
  • Propagate encryption support through PEX
  • Choose what happens on double click in torrent list
  • Show a special message if utorrent crashes while NOD32 is active.
  • Added scheduler mode to seed only (hold Shift button)
  • Support min_interval key
  • Ctrl Up/Down to move up/down a torrent
  • Show average up/down speed since start.
  • Show encryption status in Flags field
  • Copy hosts from peer list
  • Peer Exchange (only with µT peers for now)
  • Protocol Encryption
  • Bypass Windows XP Firewall
  • Make torrent prioritized from add torrent window
  • RSS toolbar button
  • Smart RSS episode filtering - avoids downloading the same ep twice.
  • ESC minimizes
  • Rearranged settings dialog
  • Default to priorizing rarest pieces
  • Switch default theme
  • Skip hidden/system files when creating torrent.
  • Right align some columns.
  • Remove spaces from urls in RSS feeds
  • DHT binds UDP socket to net.bind_ip
  • Smarter block hashing, tries to avoid re-reading from the file if possible.
  • Tracker connections obey max_halfopen/max_connections
  • Switching folder in the Add window tries to detect if you point at an already downloaded folder.
  • Added support for " in XML parser
  • Optimized disk-io
  • coalesce_writes defaults to true
  • &Exit to E&xit
  • Show up/down arrows in listview headers
  • Rearranged some stuff in the settings dialog
  • Add FAQ to the help menu
  • Use UTF-8 instead of utf-8 in created torrents.
  • Min autodetected piecesize is now 64k.
  • Remember last active RSS page.
  • Don't increase counters while paused.
  • Auto detect if RSS feed uses latin1 or utf8.
  • Sort by scrape peers instead of connected peers
  • Relevance rounds up instead of down.
  • Rename langpack to utorrent.lng.
  • If langpack is in the exedir, it gets installed to APPDATA.
  • Remember if torrents have errored when you restart
  • Optimizations to piecepicker algorithm
  • Fast/Slow pieces
  • Simplified encryption settings
  • Support langpack.zip with translations.
  • Don't download first/last piece of a file first. Can be re-enabled.
  • Added a black down image to the spyglass icon
  • Protect webui with a password
  • Include beta build # in http requests.
  • Show in the search box.
  • Open partfile in read only mode if read/write fails.
  • Read cache uses less CPU
  • Support paths >260 chars.
  • Icons in RSS Releases (thanks TVTAD)
  • RSS Not filtering matches full release name
  • RSS Reader supports more date formats
  • Adjusted some lazy bitfield parameters
  • Renamed to RSS Downloader
  • Allow deleting multiple history lines at the same time
  • Improvements to RSS parser
  • Pause button toggles
  • net.low_cpu defaults to false.
  • Reworked network code for faster speeds.
  • Add torrent dialog defaults to whatever folder entered in settings
  • Added some qualities to rss reader
  • Changed date format
  • Work better when large fonts are used.
  • Prevent windows from going above pixel 0.
  • Ratio on generals tab wasn't computed exactly like the main list.
  • Crash bug with columns
  • Better support for adjusted computer clock.
  • Don't behave incorrectly if 0-byte files are deleted by the user.
  • If the torrent storage path hasn't been created, create it.
  • Fix a crash related to language packs.
  • Superseeding works better
  • RSS feeds are utf8-decoded
  • Deleting from RSS history forgot about sorting
  • Disallow some more characters from filenames
  • Crash when deleting multiple items from RSS history
  • RSS parser parsed month bad for some timestamps.
  • Fixed crash in torrent creator
  • Ipfilter memory leak
  • Support mixes of name and name.utf8
  • Sorting reverse by name didn't work
  • Improved autoload so it waits a bit if the file hasn't fully been written to disk yet.
  • Stop ALL torrents when scheduler is active.
  • When moving a complete download, use the name entered in the add dialog instead of the default.

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