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Posted on Sunday, Mar 12 2006 @ 14:09 CET by LSDsmurf

- new: Go To dialog in preview splitted in two different dialogs, one frame based and one time based.
- new: The script used to show infos in the preview can be customized in the advanced options.
- new: The actions available in the customizable menus are now called commands and are avaiable at the command line.
- new: Preview has a new menu item to copy the frame number of the current position to the clipboard. It is useful to create zones in the codec configuration e.g. to encode the credits at a high quantizer. The new commands and macros used for this menu item are introduced below.
- new: Option for the threshold at which force film is used.
- new: Forced shutdown modes.
- new: MP3 enabled for MP4 container.
- new command : 'Show Message Box' with title, message and icon parameter, available globally.
- new command: 'Copy To Clipboard', available globally.
- new command: 'Perform Auto Crop', available in the main window and from the command line.
- new command: 'Perform Smart Crop', available in the main window and from the command line.
- new macro: '%pos_frame%' returns the current position of the preview in frames, available globally.
- fix: Applying IVTC filters and cutting caused audio being not synced.
- fix: BeSweet AAC problem using Nero 7 because of missing MFC71.dll which is now always copied to the BeSweet dir.
- fix: Changed all AAC audio profiles to use the dimzon plugin to workaround problems with Nero 7.
- fix: 100% film sources wasn't detected as such.
- change: Renamed 'Post Processing Mode' to back to 'Batch Mode' and tested, improved and fixed this mode.
- change: x264 version updated.
- change: Preparer to demux AVI supports now multiple input files.
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