GetRight Pro 6.0 beta 7

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 15 2006 @ 15:53 CET by LSDsmurf

  • New GetRight Logo and Graphics.
  • Added a Language config page, to make it easy to download and use a translation (more languages will be available when the 6.0 release is done.)
  • Fixed a number for torrent bugs and issues.
  • Fixed some resource leaks.
  • Fixed so click monitoring works for Windows Vista (beta 2 at least.)
  • Fixed so if the GetRight folder isn't writeable, it uses some other locations for its files.
  • Fixed some speed issues with HTTPS downloads.
  • Fixed so Download Status will accept drag-and-drop files properly.
  • Added "Go All" button to the Daily Downloads.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for the Podcast Downloader.
  • Fixed so the Apply button on the config works better (enables when something changed.)
  • Fixed issues if uploading a 0 byte file.
  • Fixed so deleting multiple files in the GetRight Browser works right.
  • Fixes and improvements to MD5 checkusm checks, with some automatic ways to get them if the website supports it:!md5!abcde... Plus in the GRX import/export files.
  • Added /BROWSE (URL) command line item to open the GetRight Browser for a URL.

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