UltraEdit 12.00

Posted on Friday, Mar 17 2006 @ 13:34 CET by LSDsmurf

  • Perl compatible regular expressions engine
  • Powerful New FTP/SFTP Features
    • FTP Accounts shown and accessible in File Tree View
    • FTP Settings may now be in user definable file
    • Ability to link local folder and remote folder and upload/download files between remote server and local system
  • Find / replace enhancements
    • Much improved UNICODE support
    • Dialogs have full UNICODE support
    • Highlight all found occurrences of string
  • Code folding support for ignore strings and comment strings
  • Enhanced support for UltraCompare Professional including 3-way compare
  • Right-click compare from UltraEdit File Tree View
  • New Macro commands:
    • IfFTP to check if file is an FTP file
    • IfCharGt to check if character is greater than value
    • IfColNumGt to check if column number is greater than value
  • New improved dialog for User and Project Tools
  • Auto-recovery of modified files after system/application crash
  • Increased User and Project Tools to 25 each
  • Improved (Aspell) Spelling Support
  • All menus and toolbars switch together when changing user profiles
  • Moreā€¦

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