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Posted on Monday, Mar 20 2006 @ 14:39 CET by LSDsmurf

  • Fixed Kill Filter marking messages as "Read" not working correctly when sorting on a column other than Subject/Thread.
  • Modified kill filter matching logic to standardize matches with all other filter types.
  • Fixed fonts not displaying properly in the Queue and/or Message List when one or more columns were hidden.
  • Fixed bold font getting used on thread containers when italics is turned off.
  • Added the ability to save multiple attachments from the Downloaded Files view.
  • Added the ability to run multiple instances of Newsman Pro on a single machine. This option is only available for MySQL and MSSQL users. You should create a separate program folder for each instance and make sure that each instance uses a different database catalog.
  • Fixed font coloring in the message list, queue and connections where the selected text color was not always correct.
  • Updated the global error handler to the latest release (3.0b).
  • Renamed header retrieval option "Headers Since A Date" to "Headers By Date".
  • Added the ability to specify an end date for getting "Headers By Date".
  • Added an internal idle retry limit to allow NMP to shut down when failed jobs have been reset 4 times and "Shutdown When Idle" is enabled.
  • Message list font colors now include support for the background color of the "Subject" column.
  • Added "CTRL+N" as a shortcut to "Save to NZB..." on the Message List.
  • Added the ability to select multiple messages in the message list and launch all attachments at once.
  • Fixed a bug when attempting to view the properties of the "Saved Items" folder.
  • Fixed the font color on the Message Viewer information bar.
  • Fixed the font color on the progress window gradient area.
  • Fixed Automation Rule "Delete" action for MS-SQL users.
  • Modified job retry logic in the Thread Manager to skip retries on jobs that have already been handled by a communications thread's internal retry logic.
  • Modified display and access to subscribed newsgroups from multiple servers in the Workgroups view and Navigator. Newsgroups from multiple servers are now aggregated together into a single entry in the Navigator and are "children" of an aggregate group in the Workgroups view.
  • Fixed a bug in the Kill Filter editor when adding a new filter that contained a single double-quote character while using MS-SQL as the database engine.
  • Fixed Queue column hiding.
  • Added a semaphore to the header parsing thread to prevent a possible collision with the Scheduled Tasks "Purge Deleted Messages" and "Delete With Filter".
  • Modified the "Download Again" option to allow messages that appear to have never been downloaded to get processed anyway.
  • Added the ability to manually execute an Automation Rule from the Automation Rule editor.
  • Added a context-menu to the image preview to allow switching between images when a message contains multiple attachments.
  • Added a new setting to disable mouseover hints for the message list.
  • Modified server connection handling to allow group and header retrieval jobs to proceed even though the server download limit has been reached. The server option "Exclude Headers from count" must be enabled for the job to proceed.
  • If a server download limit is reached, the limit descriptor will now be displayed in red.
  • Fixed enabled/disabled states in the Automation Rule editor for various action settings.
  • Changed Scheduler behavior: when enabling a disabled task, the next run time will be set to the next scheduled time in the future.
  • Add "Expand/Collapse" all option to Workgroups view.
  • Added ophaned data checking to Power Purge (ADS, MySQL and MS-SQL) and Background Purge (ADS and MySQL).
  • Fixed a bug in the MIME message parser that could cause the parser to try and read past the last line of the message.
  • Added the ability to define more than one server with the same address having a different "friendly" name and credentials.
  • Added a full refresh of the message list when checking/unchecking the "New" or "Unread" options in the message list.
  • Tweaked connection thread retry logic to force switch to retrieval by Message-ID if retrieval by article index fails.
  • Tightened the text parser to ignore "=ybegin" keyword if it is not in the beginning of the message line.
  • Modified loading of help system to support Windows Vista.
  • Added an error trap when attempting to save a message as a text file to an invalid filename.
  • Changed "Restore Message" to "Restore Selected Messages" in the Trash Browser.
  • Changed "Restore All" to "Restore All Messages" in the Trash Browser.
  • Added display of total number of Automation Rules being processed to the status bar.
  • Fixed a bug in the Database Explorer when attempting to empty the log file while using MS-SQL.

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