WirelessMon 2.0 public beta - release 6

Posted on Thursday, May 04 2006 @ 13:10 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • GPS support added
  • Redesigned user interface, added toolbar and menus, removed the buttons from the bottom of the window.
  • Ability to connect to an access point from withing WirelessMon. Right click on an access point in the list on the summray tab and select the "Connect to AP" option from the menu.
  • Graphs for "Signal strength (db) vs time" and "Signal strength percentage vs time" and can now be done based on access point rather than just network card.
  • WirelessMon window is now resizable.
  • Configuration tab has been removed and replaced with a Configuration menu. The new menu is in three sections of general, logging and map options.
  • Added "minimise on close" to the general options
  • A Map tap has been added, this is for displaying an image and drawing a visual representations of sampled acess point signal strengths. The samples can be taken by either clicking on the image or using GPS coordinates.
  • SSID filter list has been added the logging options. If something is entered in this list only SSIDs that match the contents of the list will be logged.
  • Added "MapPoint" format options to the access point log and connected node log. This will save these logs in a format ready to import into MapPoint.
  • Added a way to customise the colour corresponding to signal strength for the graph on the summary tab and the display of signal strength on the map tab.

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2.0 public beta - release 6
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