NewsLeecher 3.5 beta 9

Posted on Wednesday, May 10 2006 @ 12:06 CEST by LSDsmurf

    If you're registered NewsLeecher user, you must update your licensekey to use this release of NewsLeecher. Just launch NewsLeecher and follow the instructions onscreen to update the key.
New feature:
  • The license expiration date shown on the about dialog, will now be updated everytime NewsLeecher is launched. So when more licensetime is given to registered users, due to downtime, etc, it will be shown on the about dialog on next application launch. Note: NewsLeecher must be able to load the integrated 'News' page to be able to use this new functionality.
Improved features:
  • Readded the right-click popup menu to the XPAT window.
  • Readded the right-click popup menu to the small bandwidth meter on the NewsLeecher statusbar
Fixed bugs:
  • Under certain circumstances, NewsLeecher was unable to reconnect to usenet servers in case of a temporary network loss. This has been fixed!
  • Fixed a problem which sometimes caused NewsLeecher to use more and more memory when downloading pictures in 'preview' mode
  • The "Reset Hanging Connection" feature was out of order
  • Active Group sorting didn't always work after group updated
  • Fixed bug where NewsLeecher sometimes skipped article downloads if the "Never download incomplete articles" option was in use
  • Scrollbar resetting didn't always work when activating groups. This has been fixed.
  • Deactivating groups from the popup menu didn't work. Fixed
  • Thumbnail manipulation (delete/open/etc) didn't work if the downloaded articles were auto-renamed. Fixed
  • Fixed a few minor issues with the NewsLeecher Explorer window.
  • Fixed a bug where NewsLeecher would sometimes corrupt articles due to a special article formatting code, which was ignored by NewsLeecher. (Thanks for locating the exact reason for this bug Lips)
  • Fixed a few spelling errors

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3.5 beta 9
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