DVD43 3.9.0

Posted on Thursday, May 25 2006 @ 12:43 CEST by LSDsmurf

- removed detection of bad sector for DVDs not matching region of DVD reader
- solved crash from bogus vobu
- only decryption done now
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Download: DVD43 3.9.0

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Re: DVD43 3.9.0
by Anonymous on Friday, Feb 01 2008 @ 13:03 CET
I didnt know i had this program, but microsoft tell me it is the cause of my computer cashing every time i put a cd in the drive. Where can i find the program so i can delete it

  • Reply by Anonymous on Friday, Apr 25 2008 @ 22:02 CEST

    Hi, been having similar problems too with DVD43, don't know if its Vista (pain in the backside) thats really the problem, ahh could just be one of those things.
    Go to Control panel, add or remove programs, then select DVD43 and uninstall. Or if you have Vista control panel, programs and features.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Sunday, Jul 19 2009 @ 18:17 CEST

    You should be able to find it in the control panel of your computer. When you go there, it should say, "add or remove programs". You'll be able to find it there.

    And thanks for posting this, i was about to download it myself! I would have been mad as hell!