Central Brain Identifier Build 0527 R7

Posted on Sunday, May 28 2006 @ 18:42 CEST by LSDsmurf

The 7th Release of the Central Brain Identifier 8.0 has been updated with build 0527! The following AMD Sempron processors of Revision F2 have been supported in the latest version:
  • SDA2800IAA2CN
  • SDA3000IAA3CN
  • SDA3200IAA2CN
  • SDA3400IAA3CN
  • SDA3500IAA2CN
  • SDA3600IAA3CN
  • SMS3200HAX4CM
  • SMS3400HAX3CM
  • SMS3500HAX4CM
Additionally, we have realized an ability to change a HyperTransport frequency transparently in Windows x64 and Vista! This means CBId changes the HT frequency and bus width without a need to support the hardware! Now, it doesn’t matter what chipset your motherboard is based on! Enjoy!
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Version: Build 0527 R7
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