MediaCoder 0.5.0 pre-release

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 12 2006 @ 13:37 CEST by LSDsmurf

After nearly one month's effort, the new version finally comes to work. A big part of the codes have been re-written (many of them may not be noticable from the interface), so it will be quite necessary to have a longer testing phase before it can be released for all users. So I put out the installer of the new version for people who are interested to test. So please, give me feedback if you found problems. I will release a document on plug-in development in later time. In addition, I've versioned the next release as 0.5 rather than 0.4 to indicate the big changes in it.

0.5.0 pre-release

    1. implemented device plug-in
    2. added AVC support for PSP transcoding (PMP AVC)
    3. audio and video now get transcoded in 2 threads at the same time (a performance boost for dual-core processors)
    4. added brightness/contrast/saturation/hue adjustment
    5. calculates and displays audio bitrate and estimated file size during transcoding
    6. preference data are toally XML-based
    7. use XULRunner to display some user interface
    8. added setup wizard
    9. added iPod plug-in
    10. added audio/video format and container matching checkup
    11. added split mode
    12. many minor fixups and improvements

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0.5.0 pre-release
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