Eudora Email beta 4

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 12 2006 @ 13:39 CEST by LSDsmurf

New features
  • Eudora can now be run in Paid mode without a Paid mode registration code for a period of 30 days. This allows users to try out some of the Paid mode-only features, such as the ultra-fast indexed search and SpamWatch. If a Paid mode registration code is not entered, then after the 30 days has passed Eudora will revert to Sponsored mode.
  • A "Recent" submenu was added to both the Mailboxes and Transfer menus, and a "Recent" folder was added to the Mailboxes window. These locations contain the 10 most recently used mailboxes. A mailbox goes to the beginning of the list when its window is opened up. The number of mailboxes to appear on the list can be changed by a setting in Tools ->Options->Mailboxes. Changing the value of the setting to zero will remove the feature.
  • Added the ability the play a wide variety of sound formats for the new mail sound and for sounds in filters. New formats include MP3, MIDI, WMA, and even the audio inside of video formats such as MPEG, WMV, and AVI. Added hidden setting <x-Eudora-option:PlayMediaFlags>, which allows the current sound/video assigned when new mail arrives or filter sound actions to show in a media player window. The default value of the flags keeps the window hidden. To get the player to show up use <x-Eudora-option:PlayMediaFlags=268435824>.
  • Added the ability to save search criteria via File->Save and open the search criteria later via the menu arrow on the "Search" button. There is a new "Find Messages Using" menu next to the "Find Messages" menu item to easily call up one of the saved searches.
  • Added Edit->Insert->Downloable Picture (also added to the Insert Object button of composition windows). This allows a link (e.g. http: or ftp:) to an image to be inserted in to a composition message. This saves disk space because only a URL reference to the image is sent instead of embedding the image file. Great for signatures to include a link to company logo available on web site.
  • Two options were added for the Eudora icon in the OS system tray, both of which are in Tools->Options->Display. "Minimize Eudora to the system tray" makes the OS taskbar item for Eudora disappear when Eudora is minimized. When it is hidden from the OS taskbar, the system tray icon will appear. This option defaults to being on. "Always show icon in system tray" ensures that the Eudora icon always appears, but is off by default. This keeps the behavior similar to previous versions of Eudora where the system tray icon would only show up when there are new messages. Also, the system tray icon now has a context menu when you right-click on it, which includes easy access to the two options mentioned above and to some frequently used actions: New Message, Check Mail, Work Offline, and Exit.
  • The Enter Password dialog was modified to show personality name, username, and server to give a better idea of which account the password is being asked for. Also, a checkbox to remember the password is now in the dialog. User-specified words can now be whitelisted in Mood Watch (automatically marked as non-offensive even though they are in the Mood Watch dictionary) via the setting <x-Eudora-option:MoodWatchWhitelistWords>. Incoming and outgoing mail servers are now validated when creating a new personality. A checkbox in the "Incoming Email Server" and "Outgoing Email Server" pages in the new personality wizard controls whether the appropriate service exists on the specified machine. The default value of this "Test server" checkbox can be set via Tools->Options->Extra Warnings->Warn me when I: Enter and invalid server when creating a new personality. Also, there is another validation method in the Personalities window that checks username/password. Select one or more personalities in the Personalities window, right-click and select "Test". The account will be logged in to, but no mail will be downloaded or deleted. Errors are displayed in the Task Errors window.
  • The data and application directories listed in the About dialog are now clickable to open up an Explorer window to the corresponding directory.
  • Added a new menu item, Tools->Reset Tools, which resets the toolbars and docking windows to their default state.
  • Explore Attachment now selects the attachment file in the resulting Explorer window. There's a couple of options that modify this feature. <x-Eudora-option:UseExploreVerb> controls whether this new behavior happens (selecting the file), or the old way occurs (just opening the directory that the attachment resides in, using the "explore" verb). The default value is off (do the file selection). Also, <x-Eudora-option:ExploreAttachOptions> contains the options to use if the file selection method is being used. The default value for it is "/e,/select,", which means open an Explorer window in the default manner (/e) and select the file (/select).
  • Greatly improved timing of IMAP actions requiring immediate feedback from the server.
  • Fixed bug resulting in loss of data when transferring multiple messages from the local Out mailbox to an IMAP mailbox.</ul>
  • Removed forced logging of indexed search.
  • Fixed a crash when a nickname is added or removed from the BossWatch or Recipient lists (only occured in Windows 98).
  • Now preventing negative numbers from being entered in BossWatch settings.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when inserting an image that is missing a file extension (e.g. GIF file without .gif extension).
  • Fixed bug where outgoing messages created by Send Again would get two Message-Id: headers.
  • In the Change Queuing dialog, 12:nn in international time (no AM/PM) was getting treated as 00:nn. This has been fixed so that it is interpreted correctly.
  • Now allowing recovered messages (those with a state of '?') to be manually marked as Sent, so if the Out mailbox table of contents gets rebuilt then the user can set the rebuilt messages back to Sent.
  • Added <x-Eudora-option:RemoveChangePassword> for hiding the Change Password menu item in the Special menu. It is on (1) by default, i.e. the menu item is hidden, because there are very few deployments of the password changing server. Organizations that have a password changing server will want to show this functionality.
  • The format of the From: header when doing a redirect is now controllable by a setting: <x-Eudora-option:RedirectFromFormat>. The value is a format specifier that uses "%1" for the original sender of the message, and "%2" for the name and address of the personality performing the redirect. The default value of the option is "%1 (by way of %2)", which makes it identical to past behavior.
  • URL-referenced images (e.g. http:, ftp:) in messages now stay as URL references, instead of being converted to local files as embedded images.
  • Fixed bug where undoing a message transfer sometimes wasn't available if the destination mailbox is not open.
  • Fixed bug where Eudora could crash when displaying a message with lots of marquee tags in a row when "Use Microsoft's viewer" is on.

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