Usenet Explorer 1.7

Posted on Sunday, Jul 16 2006 @ 13:14 CEST by LSDsmurf

This release covers most frequently mentioned issues that were on hold while working on code integrity and which can be solved before considering work on time consuming topics.
  • search/filter syntax has been revised (see Search examples). apart from adding easy whole word like capability please note that [] have been replaced with {} since square brackets occur in nearly every subject and curly brackets happen only in 0.5% of subjects. as a result search/filters are now much more convenient to use.
  • there will be no more problems with buggy antivirus programs causing sharing violations (32), although it is still recommended to exclude at least empdb, emp t, odies and settings directories from the scan for a faster operation
  • now when saving attachments from the task manager the default directory will be changed as well
  • several other small improvements like better shortcuts in task manager

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