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Posted on Wednesday, Jul 26 2006 @ 15:36 CEST by LSDsmurf

The game player in 2.42 release did not work, and Python for Linux had to be upgraded to a newer version.

The two main reasons for this update are:
  • The Game Player didn't function, for all OS versions.
  • Linux version had to be recompiled with Python 10.4.3, so it works with the latest python installs people have.
Of course we did some bugfixes in the past week as well:
  • Materials: crash fix for empty Material Nodes, which get set to Halo.
  • Materials: copy/paste option (icon buttons) did not work for NodeTrees properly
  • Render: using option "Border" missed window re-display in end.
  • Composite: Translate Node didn't work for all Node types (note, still doesn't work for Blur Node)
  • Composite: Adding new Node in Group now updates end result.
  • Composite: Vector Blur node now accepts B&W input for Image.
  • UV Image Window and Node Editor now draw correct Premul Alpha images
    Note; support for non-premul "Key alpha" will be added later).
  • Scripts: mesh_skin didn't work
  • Scripts: vrml97_export used temporal Objects badly
  • Python API: Image.GetCurrent() fixed for "Render Result".
  • Python API: me.faces.delete() crash fixed
  • 3D Window: having multiple 3d views sometimes resulted in wrong grabbing correction (moving objects was not tied to mouse movement)
  • Sequencer: error in Gamma fixed
  • Fluids: Manual viscosity settings now work
Not much for a release, but definitely worth the update.
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