SpeedFan 4.29 beta 13

Posted on Friday, Jul 28 2006 @ 11:59 CEST by LSDsmurf

SpeedFan 4.29 beta 13 is available. This beta adds support for a lot of new hardware, but the feature I would like you to check is AMD K8 (Athlon 64, Sempron and Opteron) internal sensor support. I did extensive checks and almost all of them do support this feature, even if undocumented in datasheets. Please, let me know if reported temperatures are ok.

In order to run this beta, simply install SpeedFan 4.28, then replace the EXE from version 4.28 and then run SpeedFan as usual.

Don't forget that you can upload your configuration by using this link. I would really appreciate if experienced users with nicely working configurations could find 30 seconds to upload their configurations to help other users :-)
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4.29 beta 13
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