REAPER 1.0 pre5

Posted on Saturday, Aug 05 2006 @ 12:19 CEST by LSDsmurf

- minor prefs improvements
- added "disable DX plugins scanning" option
- reaverb: lp/hp filter item (good for making synthetic reverbs with the echo generator)
- reaverb: normalize item
- reasynth and reasamplomatic: support pitch wheel messages
- (GM?) CC labels for midi editor
- shrunk whatsnew.txt (old text is available online)
- midi editor loads icons from main EXE
- midi editor ffwd/rewind buttons
- option to save project and/or open properties immediately on new project
- better master vu clip indictator (no point in showing RMS clip when peak clip is available)
- basic CC/pitch editing in midi editor. so tired.
- fixed potential sysex memory leak in midi reader
- sends can now specify midi source/destinations, as well as disable audio (midi only)
- I/O dialog: fixed track receives refresh on channel count change
- huge improvements to snapping system to snap to the closest item
- flush track buffers on recarm switch even if not recording (better routed record sync)
- made project length updated when using region copying/etc
- fixed floating point .wav format
- fixed vu metering of record-output modes
- vst: better dealing with plug-ins whose latency decreases
- pdc now deals with bypass envelopes (more) correctly
- better support for decreases in plug-in latency, I hope?
- cleanups to audio configuration system
- MUCH nicer color theme editor
- more preferences dialogs improvements
- audio system wont open when audio/device tab is open
- adding an effect (via d&d or otherwise) to a track that lacks fx wont open the fx browser
- preferences wont let you see the audio/device tab when recording
- moved snap settings from prefs to snap dialog
- made navigator/mixer/fxadd/midi editor windows doubleclick maximize
- added mousewheel option for window under mouse vs window with focus
- better record preview display for loop/autopunch rec modes (shows where items are actually recorded)
- updated version checking code to better support 1.0preX and 1.0 beta X etc.
- added new license agreement, license tab to about box
- wav/aiff reader: support for 20, 32 bit integer samples
- revamped FX plugins configuration screen
- fixed record automatic file switching sync (error introduced in v0.971)
- fixed routing + latent fx related record sync issue
- fixed record sync when punch-in recording a track via its record arm button
- cleaned up cursors/region resizing for timeline
- better support for 1/128 grid settings etc
- renamed "tape style" record modes to be just "normal"..
- external editors: primary/secondary editors for each type, and default. context menu shows editor names, too.
- reasamplomatic: improved note-offs (more accurate timing, and a note off ends all of that note)
- reasamplomatic: attack/release controls
- more drag&drop fixes
- clicking and dragging a region lets you reorder the project (hold alt to move the region relative to the project, and hold ctrl to copy)
- added option (prefs/recording) for adding new recordings per-loop when looped recording (good for "record channel output" overdubbing for both MIDI and audio)
- reduced size of send controls for I/O dialog
- registration key stuff. a nag screen on unregistered shareware will only be displayed once a week, and it's easily dismissable.
- reasamplomatic5000: supports drag&drop of sample files from explorer/media explorer
- midi editor: piano roll is higher velocity at right side of keys
- fixed midi looping note repeat bug
- fixed time map rebuilding on certain ripple editing functions
- fixed routed track that sends to next track crash on delete+play
- fixed prebuffer preventing really short loop selections from playing looped
- fixed default record path configuration bug
- fixed grid/snap issues for fine divisions (fixed some dialogs for proper Cleartype support (Perf. meter, Rea* FX plugins, etc...)
- fixed some drag&drop issues with FX plugins windows
- rearoute: better support for other apps when reaper not running
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