x264 Video Codec rev. 551

Posted on Sunday, Aug 06 2006 @ 12:46 CEST by LSDsmurf

- (r551) gcc -fprofile-generate isn't threadsafe
- (r550) cli: move some options from --help to --longhelp
- (r549) cli: don't try to get resolution from filename unless input is rawyuv
- (r548) r542 broke --visualize
- (r547) Nicer OS X x264_cpu_num_processors (thanks David)
- (r546) Support OS X and BeOS in x264_cpu_num_processors
- (r545) Fixes contexts allocation with threads=auto
- (r544) select initial qp for abr and cbr baased on satd and bitrate, rather than cq24.
- (r543) --threads=auto to detect number of cpus
- (r542) api addition: x264_param_parse() to set options by name
- (r541) fix a rare NaN in ratecontrol
- (r540) move quant_mf[] from x264_t to the heap, and merge duplicate entries
- (r539) GTK update. patch by Vincent Torri.
• fixed:
- cleaning of Makefile
- time elapsed seems broken ('total time' label replaced by 'time remaining')
- text entries of the status window are now not editable
• added:
- compilation from x264/ (add --enable-gtk option to configure)
- shared lib creation if --enable-shared is passed to configure x264gtk.pc
--b-rdo, --no-dct-decimate
- (r538) new option: --qpfile forces frames types and QPs. (intended for ratecontrol experiments, not for real encodes)
- (r537) api change: select ratecontrol method with an enum (param.rc.i_rc_method) instead of a bunch of booleans.
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