Skype for Windows (public beta)

Posted on Friday, Aug 11 2006 @ 14:12 CEST by LSDsmurf

Changes in build
  • feature: New Sound Audio Lirary
  • feature:Voice access API
  • feature: IE and FF plugins integrated (phone number recognition on web pages)
  • feature: Clickable links in mood messages
  • feature: Avatars clickable in chat windows
  • feature: Added "Clear all missed events" in events panel rightclick menu
  • change: quickfilter searches from beginning of words only
  • change: avatar drag and drop ability
  • bugfix: country list was not sorted in search window
  • bugfix: Shared Groups: when contact leaves group the text is overlapping with moodmessage
  • bugfix: Mute text should be "unmute" when muted
  • bugfix: answering conference from conf calltab did not cancel traynotification
  • bugfix: Call tab: video start/stop button dissapeared when used during a held call
  • bugfix: Conf call: participant on hold was shown only to host
  • bugfix: Country select list doesn't disappear when clicking somewhere else
  • bugfix: Localized country names in search window did not change, if you changed languages
  • bugfix: Start Video via context menu did not change video button text
  • bugfix: Ending video call did not show avatar again
  • bugfix: There was no way to bookmark chats without a mouse
  • bugfix: FT dialog opened in DND mode
  • bugfix: "011" area code disabled country selection
  • bugfix: Chat message is might have got lost when other party uses embedded device
  • bugfix: Mousewheel scroll did not work when chat memberlist hidden
  • bugfix: notification parameters did not support unicode
  • bugfix: Call tab info was wrong when Skype contact's PSTN number called
  • bugfix: Import Contatcs: some text in Russian was not displayed on last dialog in import contacts flow
API changes:
  • feature: USER property NROF_AUTHED_BUDDIES
  • feature: CALL properties FORWARDED_BY and VAA_INPUT_STATUS
  • change: API: moved PONG reply to PING into library thread - now asyncronous
Known Issues
  • There may be some problems or incompatibility with specific audio devices, which have been working on earlier versions of Skype. Please report all these problems.
  • User may experience errors with Internet Explorer Beta 2 installed, we recommend to upgrade to Internet Explorer Beta 3.
  • Video is not enabled when pluging in camera while on a call.
  • There may be echo problems when using 2 sound devices.
  • Firefox plugin will be reinstalled on next Skype installion, even if user has uninstalled it.

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Download: Skype for Windows (public beta)

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