Sun Java 5.0 update 8

Posted on Friday, Aug 11 2006 @ 14:16 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • hotspot compiler2 5.0u6 assert gcm.cpp:1306 assert(bs->has_valid_counts(), "Bad goto frequency/count
  • hotspot compiler2 CORBA product_rmijrmp_dgc:Test01 fails with exception
  • hotspot compiler2 Bad performance when HotSpot cannot optimize polymorphic calls
  • hotspot compiler2 Occasional performance degradation by factor of 3
  • hotspot compiler2 type profiled inlining should allow method holders to be a superclass
  • hotspot compiler2 BugFixes from Azul Systems
  • hotspot compiler2 Performance slide in cipher micro-benchmark.
  • hotspot garbage_collector pointer_delta not used for pointer diff
  • hotspot garbage_collector intermittent extreme mutator slowdown in jbb runs with ParNew/DefNew
  • hotspot garbage_collector bad performance with big object in heap
  • hotspot jvmti Redefine class can't handle addition of 64 bit constants in JDK1.5.0_04
  • hotspot jvmti constant pool of redefined class should be safe and high-performance -- make it append only
  • hotspot jvmti RedefineClasses() and NativeMethodBind event crash
  • hotspot jvmti class redefinition failed "method deleted"
  • hotspot jvmti assertion failure in ContiguousSpace::block_size after massive number of RedefineClasses
  • hotspot jvmti previously EMCP methods not marked as obsolete
  • hotspot jvmti fix for annotation cache and RedefineClasses() conflict needs HotSpot changes
  • hotspot jvmti crash: redefine classes method order change incomplete
  • hotspot jvmti DisposeEnvironment does not free the tag map table
  • hotspot jvmti potential bug with annotations and class file evolution
  • hotspot jvmti RedefineClasses devours memory
  • hotspot jvmti Redefine crash on lazy NetBeans instrumentation -- upto 4096 redefines on a single class
  • hotspot other Need a way to specify an alternate location for hpi library
  • hotspot other Windows AMD64 Platform SDK build of hotspot with /O2 causes bogus exceptions
  • hotspot other Hotspot Makefile changes for Tiger Windows/AMD64 Apr 2005 PSDK support
  • hotspot runtime_system Classloading failures when LinkageError is rethrown
  • hotspot runtime_system GC time stamps should be relative to the start of the JVM
  • hotspot runtime_system os::write_memory_serialize_page need a explicit handler in thread native transition
  • hotspot runtime_system nsk/jvmti/AddToBootstrapClassLoaderSearch/bootclssearch011 fails
  • hotspot runtime_system JVM abort with Full thread dump by kill -QUIT
  • hotspot runtime_system api/java_lang/instrument/Instrumentation/index.html#Instrumentation with "-server" causes VM crash
  • hotspot runtime_system #NAAM?
  • hotspot runtime_system Use of -XX:+UseBiasedLocking gives an error
  • hotspot runtime_system Due to partial feature #256 code promotion in b51, some tests related to class loading fail
  • hotspot runtime_system Update Hotspot Windows os_win32 for Longhorn
  • hotspot runtime_system Message on UnsatisfiedLinkError is not displayed correctly in Japanese locale
  • java build Linux build does not optimize AWT and other essential libraries
  • java char_encodings RFE: Support for Cp834 in 1.5.0
  • java classes_2d Increase compiler optimisation level for libfontmanager to improve runtime performance
  • java classes_2d Font2DTest.jar is failing for Arabic-Majalla UI on Windows-Vista
  • java classes_2d Rendering issues on Vista caused by use of GDI and DDraw on onscreen surfaces
  • java classes_2d hinting engine is not correctly initialized with Bar39, Bar25i and related fonts
  • java classes_2d shouldn't be possible to force the use of shared memory pixmaps if they're not available
  • java classes_2d CMAP 2 truetype fonts cause crash
  • java classes_2d additional fix for 6255588 - "JDK windows printing implementation leaks GDI objects"
  • java classes_2d Swing applications are blank or blurry when fullscreen-AA is enabled in video card settings
  • java classes_awt REGRESSION: JPopupMenu not Hidden Properly After Iconified and Deiconified
  • java classes_awt PIT: Default cursor is shown but changing when ALT key is down, on win32
  • java classes_awt JVM crash when mouse enter area of a native components embed using JNI
  • java classes_awt Non-Focusble window steals focus from other applications.
  • java classes_awt 1.5.0 Regression: Focus is not changed when tab key is pressed in Automatic Prox
  • java classes_awt Mouse Cursor should be the default cursor when ALT key is pressed, on win32
  • java classes_awt Non-focusable windows steal focus from desktop windows
  • java classes_awt Possible to create an applet window with no applet warning
  • java classes_io File.isFile() should return "false" for "con" on windows platform
  • java classes_io File.length() reports a length of 0 for special files hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys (win)
  • java classes_lang (ann) java.lang.Class.getAnnotation() cache conflicts with RedefineClasses()
  • java classes_management DOC: fix broken links
  • java classes_math BigDecimal.negate(MathContext) method rounds improperly in some cases
  • java classes_math BigDecimal.add(BigDecimal, MathContext) can return an incorrectly rounded result
  • java classes_math Unchecked scale manipulation in BigDecimal.dropDigits
  • java classes_math BigDecimal.divideToIntegralValue(BigDecimal, MathContext) does not behave to spec
  • java classes_net Support NTLM in HTTP authentication
  • java classes_net HTTP tunnel connections send user headers to proxy
  • java classes_net connect in java/net/PlainSocketImpl.c should handle EALREADY
  • java classes_nio IOException/SIGSEGV occurs during SocketChannel.close processing.
  • java classes_nio (se) Selector fails with invalid argument on Solaris 10
  • java classes_nio (ch) test/java/nio/channels/ fails in 5.0u8 and mustang (linux only)
  • java classes_nio (ch) AbstractInterruptibleChannel creates excessive garbage
  • java classes_security JDK on Windows does not wait for preauthorizaion record from Kerberos and causes an error
  • java classes_security KerberosTicket throws exception when authtime field in KrbCredInfo is null
  • java classes_security Add teliasonera root CA certs to the JDK
  • java classes_security DomainComponent is Not IAS5String but PrintableString ( See RFC3280 )
  • java classes_security Add Comodo CA root certs to JDK
  • java classes_sound REGRESSION: playback fails after exiting from thread that has started it (Windows)
  • java classes_sound REGRESSION: Maximum gain value causes sound distortion
  • java classes_swing Last line of a paragraph should not be justified
  • java classes_swing REGRESSION: NullPointerException occurs in getCommittedTextLength method when IME is ON
  • java classes_swing Since 1.5.0_05, interval selection is broken if table's celleditor is not null
  • java classes_swing REGRESSION: JDK 1.5.0_x table cell editor behavior has changed
  • java classes_swing Win L&F: WindowsFileChooserUI broken on Windows Vista Beta 1
  • java classes_swing Call of JProgressBar.getPreferredSize() causes NPE on Windows L&F and custom desktop theme
  • java classes_swing Tree icons are no longer rendered correctly with the windows look and feel
  • java classes_swing Alt-Tab while resizing JInternalFrame results in wrong cursor
  • java classes_swing REGRESSION: Editable JComboBox won't hide popup when tabbing out
  • java classes_swing REGRESSION: WinXP LaF: Disabled JButtons have black border
  • java classes_swing Win L&F: WindowsFileChooserUI Does Not Support Windows 2003, Windows Vista
  • java classes_swing XP L&F does not work on Windows Vista (Longhorn) - needs to use uxtheme api
  • java classes_swing JButton stays pressed when focus stolen
  • java classes_swing javax/swing/JComboBox/4513773/ fails on winxp machine.
  • java classes_util_concurrent CyclicBarrier behaviour incorrect if interruption occurs during barrier "trip"
  • java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2006a
  • java classes_util_i18n TimeZone.getDefault() returns different timezones for Windows GMT-12 when DST is checked and not.
  • java classes_util_i18n (tz) java/util/TimeZone/ fails on amd64
  • java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2006d
  • java classes_util_i18n Make test/java/util/TimeZone/tools/zdump/ to be a regular test program
  • java classes_util_jarzip GZIPOutputStream is slower on 1.4.2_11-b02 than on 1.4.2_09
  • java classes_util_jarzip GZIPInputStream spuriously reports "Corrupt GZIP trailer" for sizes > 2GB
  • java classes_util_jarzip OutOfMemoryError on
  • java classes_util_logging deadlock in LogManager
  • java compiler legal cast is rejected
  • java debugger Small JDWP packets with the socket transport causes slow debugging on linux 2.6.15 kernel and newer
  • java imageio Some PNGs fail to load with ImageIO
  • java install using rtpatch flag NOCOMPRESS will reduce each JRE download by 264KB
  • java install Install Status ping not sent if 'Reboot Now' selected
  • java install windows-amd64 should not bundle up the WI2.0 engines
  • java install InstallStats posting is not disabled when post-status in xml file is NULL under one condition
  • java install class data sharing not being used if newer JRE already on machine
  • java install offline wrapper has extraction problem on winME
  • java jconsole MBeans tab: bad parsing of ObjectNames in tree leads to incorrect tree display
  • java localization There is incorrect statement at getSeed() of in 5.0 API document(jp)
  • java localization Line Feed Code can not be recognized correctly in J2SE 5.0 Doc. page
  • java localization Add Serbia and Montenegro locales
  • java localization wrong translation in
  • java localization Provide documentation in Chinese
  • java qa_web_eng J2SE 5.0ux Third Party License has very long lines which makes it hard to read
  • java rmi flawed reconnect logic in sun.rmi.transport.DGCClient's makeDirtyCall()
  • java runtime ClassCircularityError thrown without reason during class loading
  • java runtime WIN64: VM should not use Vectored Exceptions
  • java serviceability JAVA_CRW_DEMO: two bugs in demojvmtijava_crw_demosrcjava_crw_demo.c
  • java serviceability SA utilities: "get_thread_regs failed for a lwp" from jstack(1)
  • java serviceability JAVA_CRW_DEMO: Check the classfile version number when doing BCI
  • java_deployment compression Pack produces corrupt classes
  • java_deployment update With Java Update, clicking Check Monthly button displays improper message
  • java_deployment update Java AutoUpdate shows corrupted text & randomly crashes sometimes
  • java_deployment update consolidating rtpatch binary resources will save 2.2MB on all JRE download and 9MB on JDK downloads
  • java_plugin iexplorer IE browser hangs when multiple applets are reloaded several times
  • java_plugin iexplorer JRE 1.5.0_06 version not showing up in Regedit for the dynamic classid
  • java_plugin iexplorer IE windows crashed after IE opens and close for 20-30 minute run in 5.0u7-b02
  • java_plugin iexplorer Focus traversal problem with Java Applet on a html page
  • java_plugin misc REGRESSION: Multiple signed applets cause browser to hang
  • java_plugin plugin Excessive LiveConnect calls crash Mozilla Browser (FF 1.5)
  • javawebstart general javaws import feature uses incorrect timestamp for jnlp file
  • javawebstart general RapidUpdateCheck returns completed when resource not there.
  • javawebstart jnlp_api SingleInstanceService broken on unix
  • jaxp sax Identity Transform does not demand namespace-prefixes
  • jgss krb5plugin krb5 shouldn't use an empty salt field in KRB_ERROR
  • jgss krb5plugin vs multiple cached TGTs

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