Skype for Windows (public beta)

Posted on Sunday, Aug 20 2006 @ 15:29 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • bugfix: bugfix: on some poccasions clicking on test webcam a gave an 'Access Violations' error
  • change: updated IE and FF plugin .dll-s
  • bugfix: manage blocked users dialog was broken
  • bugfix: Multiple SMS count was not translatable
  • bugfix: German character coding was incorrect in main uninstaller screen
  • bugfix: Mood messages was not show when name too long
  • bugfix: API: OPEN USERINFO <SO contact> did not open form
  • bugfix: Long mood message and its tooltip did nott fit to window
  • bugfix: Quick Filter : closing button was out of posistion
  • bugfix: 'call' button was disabled when conf call chosen in call history
  • bugfix: "start skype when computer starts" was always checked
  • bugfix: line break in mood message showed weird in chat
  • bugfix: Skype crashed on deleting a SO contact
  • bugfix: not all Installer window headers translated
  • bugfix: Shared Groups: receiving invitation while DND
  • bugfix: video start/stop buttons were hidden when call is on hold
  • bugfix: maximized windows was not really maximized
  • bugfix: Could not focus Skype window when not signed in
  • bugfix: Call action button in conference calls di does not work
  • bugfix: API: it was not possible to record OUTPUT and CAPTURE_MIC simultaneously
  • bugfix: API: if OUTPUT and CAPTURE_MIC were saved into 2 files in a row, the first file was not unlocked before Skype was closed
  • bugfix: API: OPEN USERINFO <SO contact> did not open form

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