Pinnacle Studio 10.6

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 22 2006 @ 11:32 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Improved over-all performance and responsiveness
  • Improved application start-up time
  • Improved speed of File New, File Open and Save As operations
  • Improved unlocking of features when using a Mozilla internet browser
  • Improved speed when shutting down application
  • Studio UI now scales to fill widescreen display resolutions
  • Enhancements to Album navigation and browse tools
  • DivX6 Pro now supported
  • Studio uninstall no longer uninstalls existing DivX installations
  • Audio effects show correct lock/unlock icon on standard and Plus effects
  • HD playback and rendering improved on Nvidia graphics cards
  • Second-head video display improved with some problematic ATI graphics cards
  • Detaching a DV camcorder while in the Capture step no longer freezes Studio
  • Improved import of Studio 9 projects
  • Improved playback of audio from imported DVDs
  • Reduced CPU usage when playing back content from an imported DVD
  • Improvements in accurate MPEG-1 capture durations
Edit Mode
  • Improved stability when moving or trimming clips on timeline
  • Improved video effect preview performance
  • Improved transitions preview
  • Improved performance of title editing
  • Favorites in the Title Tool now retained
  • Title text position when rotated is now correct
  • Improvements in DVD creation and preview
  • DVD chapter marker functionality improved
  • Improved MPEG minimal re-rendering
  • Improved stability when using SmartMovie
  • Correct preview maintained when switching between HDV projects
  • Audio playback improved when using overlay and slow motion
  • Smartsound render progress bar added
  • MP3 playback behavior in the Album now previews correctly
  • When adding stills to the title track, Color Key effect is no longer automatically applied
  • Deleting a reverse speed effect now functions properly
  • Voiceover performance improved on AMD 64bit systems with Nvidia Nforce audio
Make Movie Mode
  • Improved performance of export to DVD image file
  • Improved Direct-to-Disc burning
  • Improved audio/video sync on burned DVDs
  • Improved DVD export with 16x9 projects
  • DVD burners now recognized regardless of which Windows user is logged onto the system
  • Improved performance when rendering to a file
  • Discometer display of final file size information now more accurate
  • Improved stability when exporting DivX files
  • Improved render of 1080i HD files
  • Improved speed when rendering PAL WMV files
  • Make Tape with HDV output no longer automatically starts recording on the camcorder
  • Issue with certain USB controllers and analog output with Pinnacle 700-USB resolved

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