NewsLeecher 3.8 beta 1

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 29 2006 @ 13:14 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • SuperSearch now has a couple of new optional search properties, called "MaxDays" and "MinDays". The properties can be used to search in a specific day range.
    Check the SuperSearch Usage Guide for more info:
  • *BIG ADDITION*: An automated group header updater has been implemented. You can now setup NewsLeecher to update your subscribed groups at configurable time intervals.
  • Added the possibility to limit the number of headers to fetch on group updates. This includes a much requested "CatchUp" feature, where only 1 new group header will be fetched.
  • Closing down NewsLeecher could take a long time, depending of how many entries there were in the list which keeps track of downloaded articles. The list code has been optimized, so the closedown time is several hundred percent faster under some circumstances. Launching NewsLeecher will also be a bit faster.
  • Lots of minor visual and non-visual improvements.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused NewsLeecher to fire a bug when clearing SuperSearch results at closedown.
  • Fixed a graphical bug where the "please wait" status dialog didn't always update the dialog text.
  • Fixed a bug which under rare circumstances caused NewsLeecher to return an "out of memory" error.

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