Reaper 1.0.1

Posted on Thursday, Aug 31 2006 @ 12:49 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • ui: transport icon updates
  • ui: cleanups to track/mixer controls, smaller
  • ui: color themes can override button background/border
  • ui: smaller vertical fader buttonsont for volume/pan labels
  • configurable keyboard shortcuts, with a LOT of new actions (some are assigned, some arent)
    • ctrl+pagedn zooms out full
    • ctrl+alt+up/down selects tracks
  • fixed keyboard shortcut preferences bug under win9x
  • keyboard shortcut list as web page generation
  • added "move items to source preferred position" for BWF files etc
  • play on record paused now goes back to record
  • fixed fx browser thinking it should be opened on startup in many instances
  • fix for looping pitch shifted downsampled items
  • fix for all notes off sending when looping (and multiple ANOs when routing)
  • fixed default volume bug in click source
  • removed warning when overdub loop recording and track was unarmed
  • tons of mixer optimizations to reduce memory bandwidth used
  • simplified start of recording thread synchronization
  • when in +6 item adjustment range, better support for >+6dB gain
  • when in +0 item adjust range, you can go over +0dB for an item if you hold shift
  • fixed monitoring issues on >2 ch tracks
  • fixed scrollbar bug when clicking on thumb edges
  • put minimum buffer sizes on ks/waveout/ds modes to avoid misconfiguration crash
  • midi editor: ruler at top
  • midi editor: grid fixes, visual appearance improvements
  • midi editor: mousewheel over piano roll scrolls by default
  • midi editor: CC lane has centerline, and things snap to center (hold ctrl to disable snap)
  • midi editor: better pitch lane mode
  • w64 file format support, bwf "bext" chunk support
  • AIFF/WAV file readers can read up to 4gb .wav files, > 4gb non-standard .wav files, and .w64 files
  • AIFF/wAV reader handles properly files that claim to be larger than they are
  • AIFF/WAV/w64 sink: writes meaningful header so a power outage during recording will usually produce a readable file
  • updated wav/w64/aiff reader to handle chunks in any order, better error messages
  • internal cleanups in preparation of...something coming later

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