Pinnacle Studio 10.7

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New Feature
  • HD DVD Authoring Pack will burn HD DVD-format discs on standard DVD media with standard DVD burners - to play in any HD DVD player (requires paid-for activation)
  • Project Conversion dialog now shows information on how to access BACKUP projects
  • CPU usage improved on MPEG-2 playback
  • Analog playback performance through AV/DV Deluxe improved
  • 710-USB device now listed for external preview on all systems
  • Switching between Capture and Edit tabs in Studio now more reliable
  • Studio 9 import of projects with menus improved
  • Import of AVI files from Samsung SC-MM10S now import correctly
  • Automatic scene detection for HDV now implemented
  • Improved reliability of Video Album fps display
  • Import of custom-made menus improved
Edit Mode
  • Improved preview performance of menus in Album
  • Latency reduced in motion menu preview
  • CPU usage improved when playing back DVD preview
  • Menu thumbnails in 16:9 widescreen mode show full video instead of being letterboxed
  • Performance of menus in storyboard view improved
  • Improved performance and reduced latency of menu editing on the timeline
  • Improved performance of DVD menus in timeline when working with HDV
  • Previously rendered menus no longer re-render
  • Can now set last chapter as a "back to menu"
  • Additional chapters no longer appear in DVD projects
  • Extra "next" buttons no longer appear on some DVD menus
  • Improved reliability of DVD menu chapter text and automatic numbering
  • Splitting a clip no longer deletes chapter markers
  • Improved performance of transitions on long-form projects
  • Editing standard titles in the timeline now updates correctly
  • Stereo wave files now play both channels properly
  • Audio gaps no longer caused by switching menu templates
Make Movie Mode
  • Render performance of DVD menus improved
  • Menu highlights correctly aligned in final output
  • 4:3 SD content now displayed correctly on Toshiba HD-XA1 set top players
  • Improved reliability of video/audio sync on DVD output
  • Disc size now gets updated appropriately
  • Improved HDV timeline export
  • Improved video quality in DivX output
  • WMV HD output quality of audio improved
  • Sony PSP output settings now have correct aspect ratio on every preset

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