BitComet 0.80

Posted on Friday, Dec 15 2006 @ 17:18 CET by

  • GUI Improved: new designed HTTP properties dialog layout
  • GUI Improved: start preview video file while http downloaing from toolbar button or task context menu
  • GUI Improved: support display URL with non-English UTF-8 characters correctly in English version Windows
  • GUI Improved: display "Minimize to tray" in task-bar context menu of BitComet if enabled
  • GUI Improved: new setting of "Optimize download strategy for preview" in Task setting page of preferences dialog
  • GUI Improved: add move file to desktop and to My Document function in task context menu
  • GUI Improved: after downloaded torrent file using BitComet, the torrent task properties dialog is displayed immediately
  • GUI Improved: toolkit FlvPlayer support running under Windows 2003 now
  • GUI Improved: toolkit FlvPlayer is able to seek while playing for most flv files now
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that the description info in HTTP properties dialog not been saved after user modified
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that the number of selected urls in url selection dialog not refreshed after applied filter
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that BitComet not able to launch FlvPlayer to play downloaded flv file in whose path has space character
  • Core Improved: HTTP download task support video file preview, etc. play video file during downloading
  • Core Improved: support to download URL with non-English UTF-8 characters in English version Windows
  • Core Improved: able to change HTTP connection number during task running
  • Core Bugfix: fix the bug that the program will lose response when decrease max downloading task number while any task running

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