America's Army 2.8.0

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  • Admin Command
    • Admin forceclass all can not forceclass sniper
    • Player admin can spectate other players while still alive
    • Multiple Weapons missing from drop down selection list on "Player" tab in AdminCP
  • A.I.
    • Civilians die from inconsistent amounts of damage, give random amounts of ROE
  • Audio
    • CommoWhisper 23 "grenade" is very quiet.
  • Crash/Server Related/Admin Commands
    • Mission completion and weapons stats not being updated for co-op maps
    • Super admins lose the ability to spectate players if they mouse click between rounds.
  • Gameplay
    • Hits & kills with CROWS are not reporting in stats
    • Hitting or killing an enemy vehicle doesn't show up in player statistics, but the Shots Fired does
    • CROWS & SAI compass: 90 Degree discrepancy
    • Going to prone position while holding grenade causes grenade release.
  • Map Specific
    • Eagle Tower: Ground at the base of Eagle Tower has the wrong material property for environmental audio
    • Interdiction: Comm volume in Northern Entrance tunnel is misspelled
    • Medic Field Training: HUD text instruction player to follow 'Compass'
    • SF Courtyard: Player pawn gets stuck on East Courtyard Ladder
    • SF Courtyard: Player pawn gets stuck on East Upper Walkway Ladder
    • SF CSAR: Rubble static mesh does not fully cover roof
    • SF Extraction: NPC civilian blocks rear bus doorway
    • SF Snakeplain: Player receives an incorrect death message upon going in the well
    • SF SnakePlain: POW is unable to run if he does not pick up a weapon
    • SF SnakePlain: No points awarded for destroying tanks or BTR
    • SF Snakeplain: One of the ladders at a QRF has bad collision
    • SF Snakeplain: Player is unable to step off ladder at bottom to kneel to get into tunnel entrance at QRF
    • SF Snakeplain: ReportIn locations for East and West Courtyard are reversed
    • SF Snakeplain: Player is able to get to unintended place
    • SF SnakePlain: Zoning issue at door in one of the QRF locations
    • SF SnakePlain: Player is able to get stuck at Mamba Mezzanine
    • Urban Assault: Blocking volume above overhang near west objective does not let thrown objects pass through
  • Server/Browser Related
    • Engine.LevelInfo.debugThis:0000 --- Recursion Error
    • Pings do not resolve in MBS, remain listed as question marks
    • LAN Name isn't saved when double clicking server name
    • 'Europe' location filter should be called 'Europe (other)'
    • NPC Logs still present when running a game server
    • Server Filters Sets are not saving
    • Coop Rounds will not start if "MinNetPlayers" is set higher then 1
    • Accessed None: AGP_Interface.AATraining_Overview.TrainingNMLPreParser
    • Too many unnecessary queries from client to MBS server are impacting MBS performance
  • U.I.
    • Console key randomly quits working
    • Login page shows "Invalid Password" dialog box twice if invalid password is entered
    • Mouseover text is incorrect on "save results" button for Weapons Fam level
    • Mouseover text on "Save Training" button for Eagle Tower level is incorrect
    • Tool tip for Deploy button is "Deploy"
    • Real Hero badge description pane should reset when a new real hero is selected from the drop down
  • Mission Editor
    • User is unable to move Mission Editor to different screen (dual monitors)
    • Building a tetrahedron with a sphere extrapolation above 8 will result in a critical error
    • Review paths feature causes critical error when no paths are present
    • Clicking Fog Button When Editor Panes Have Lost Focus Causes Crash
    • Opening a user created map file while there is no internet connection results in a "Map CPS failure"
    • Editor can be closed without prompt for saving map
    • Making a simple map with a few static meshes, saving and then closing the Editor will result in a save message
    • The taskbar icon that appears when the Editor is first launched differs from the taskbar icon when the Editor is open
    • The Editor freezes once it is launched
  • Vehicles
    • Getting in and out of the HMMWV triggers a black screen and softlocks the player
    • BMP-1 gives inaccurate death message; it is not equipped with 115mm HE as stated in message
    • HMMWV engine sound occasionally drops out
  • Weapons
    • Player able to change/force/silent class to M870 Shotgun

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