Newsleecher 3.8 beta 8

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  • Changed from the previous beta: NewsLeecher will no longer automatically move the NewsLeecher application settings from the 'Program Files' hierarchy to the User Profile hierarchy. On a clean install, NewsLeecher will automatically store its settings and data in the User Profile hierarchy, but if current settings are detected under the "Program Files" hierarchy, NewsLeecher will continue to store them there. To move NewsLeecher settings and data to a new location, use the new "Advanced Folder Location" setting mentioned just below.
  • It's now possible to setup where the NewsLeecher data files and temporary files should be located. But it's recommended to keep the default locations unchanged, unless there's a good reason to change them. Locations can be changed from:
    Options -> Advanced -> Folders
  • NewsLeecher normally loads settings from a default settings file. It's now possible to specify a custom settings file, by using the new "/settingsFile=[filePath]" command line parameter. More in here.
  • Improved Preview (Image View) Mode. Support for Vista fonts and the height of the preview panel is now stored separately.
  • The NewsLeecher Splashscreen now gives more detailed info during NewsLeecher launch.
  • NewsLeecher launches a little faster now.
  • Bug introduced in a previous beta, where the Preview mode didn't work properly has been fixed:
  • Fixed a few Windows Vista UAC permission issues.

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