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WebGUI 7.3.3 (beta) is available for download. This version is *not* recommended for use in production as it is a beta release. Several bug fixes in this release for the Calendar and SQL Form wobjects.
  • fix: Wiki Purge throws fatal
  • fix: Calendar now reports proper product ID on iCal feed
  • fix: Calendar now tries to use the feed ID when sending uid of event on iCal feeds (to prevent over-propagation of events shared between calendars).
  • fix: Bug in AssetLineage->getLineage documentation.
  • rfe: Event now has a template var to toggle if an event only lasts one day
  • rfe: WebGUI::DateTime->toMysql now automatically adjusts to UTC.
    NOTE: toMysqlDate and toMysqlTime do NOT adjust for timezones. If you are using them you must adjust manually.
  • fix: Bug in WebGUI::DateTime documentation
  • fix: Calendar default date of "first event" or "last event" now works.
  • fix: Calendar now handles Events that have ' in titles appropriately.
  • rfe: Added a "dateSpan" Event template variable that will show a properly formatted date/time span depending on how the event's start and end are.
  • fix: Disobedient Forum Rich Editor
  • fix: SQLForm - fixed a bug where regexes would sometimes be ignored (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fix: SQLForm - checkList/varchar (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fix: testEnvironment.pl

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