PcHelpWare 1.0

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PcHelpWare is a remote support tool that allow you to control any pc connected to the internet. No router modification are needed to access a remote PC behind a NAT. Using the included "repeater" you can even connect nat2nat without the need to make any router changes on both sites. PcHelpWare is a free alternative for logme in, goto mypc and pc anywhere remote access support.

Version(I) of PcHelpware has been made compatible with the helpdesk.txt (custom.zip) used in UltraVnc SC mode I&II. Internal, all have been changed to be able to easy support encryption, unicode and intel performance libraries. PcHelpWare capture and display core was reused from a commercial real time remote screen application, it's not longer compatible with vnc.


  • keyboard (international keyboard support)
  • build-in encryption (TWF 256)
  • DH key exchange using a 512 prime
  • Copy Paste File transfer, ctr-alt-c
  • Clipboard include txt,rtf,html,pictures
  • Scalable viewer
  • additional password possible

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Product page: here

Download: PcHelpWare 1.0

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