World of Warcraft 2.0.3

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WoW Patch.


-Several classes have gotten updated changes to match current beta patches.
-The Map icon has a new, more browner, icon. No longer a Globe.
-Everlook Guards now level 67. (Possible for all steamwheel guards)
-Spirit Healers now appear on minimap while dead
-Player can now right click on their portants to enable or disable PVP mode (PvE severs)
-New option for LFG tool: Heroic Dungeons
-All abilities have had their base mana cost reduced.
-Priest and Druid tier 2 bonus changed to "Restores 20 mana per 5 second" from "allows 15% of your mana to continue while casting"
-Epic Mount training cost reduced to 540g with honored discount.
-Noggenfogger is now on a 2 minute cooldown.
-New vendors selling level 70 pvp rewards added in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
-Tauren Can now ride Black War Raptors, but not other Raptors
-You can now change Blacksmithing and Engineering Specializations through a gold cost.
-Snipers added to Gadgetzan rooftops. (Unknown if they are in other towns atm)
-Wyverns, bats, griffons, and hippogryps now make noises while in flight.
-New title "Scarab Lord" available to first opener of the AQ gates.
-Elite rare spawns now have a Silver Dragon around their portrait to show their correct status.
-Improved character stat (spirit now displays how much health and mana is recovered per tick)
-All Blackwing Lair Trinkets that used or Modified %s Have been reduced to flat numbers (Check thottbot/beta for the certain numbers.)


-Eye of the Storm battle master added.
Only one bracket, 61-70
-No faction affiliated with this battleground at the moment.


-Shadowstep as 41 Talent Point
-Imp Sap switched out with Elusiveness
-Imp backstab and imp SnD have switched places.
-Imp Sap is now a 2 point talent - 50%/100%
-Surprise attack is now 10% and finishing move can no longer be dodged
-Weapon expertise changed to +10 weapon skill.
-Combo points preserved on previous target if target is changed during combat.
-Evasion (Rank 2) now trainable.
-Stealth Animation Fixed.


-Bear gives 450% armor bonus and 25% HP
-Barkskin now usable while stunned and no longer contains a casting penalty, cooldown increased to 2 minutes.
-Several talents have had their costs reduced in the balance tree (Such as imp moonfire)
-Tranquilty changed.
Cooldown Increased back to 10 minutes (as such pre-1.8)
Now untalented heals for 1092 every second at max rank.
-Pounce no longer requires facing
-Mangle (cat) now includes a +30% dmg to shred.
-Natures Grasp USABLE in forms (To clear up confusion)
-Can now talk to NPCs while in forms.
-Tree of Life Aura Now only applies 25% of spirit as extra healing on party members.
-Mana cost of regrowth reduced to 720 mana at max rank. (Untalented)


-Totemic Call added
-Rockbiter now increases specifically DPS
-Rockbiter and earthshock no longer cause additional threat.


-Rampage at 20 rage Cost
-Slam no longer interrupted by damage.


-Pet Speed Normalized. All Pets have a 2.0 attack Speed.
-Several Pet Abilities' Icon have changed.
-Mana cost of Mutli-Shot Reduced (To Pre-2.0.1 costs)
-No Hunter's Mark casting animation


-Soullink now has 20% of dmg split with pet, damage incrased to 5%
-Shadowfury is now on a 20 second cooldown.
-Infernals are no longer enslaved when first summoned (Possible bug, Tooltip does not reflect the
-Arena Preparation Buff in the arenas now remove soul shard costs of spells and abilities.
-Pet Revival now has a "whoooise light from above" animation at its end.


-Improved Righteous Fury: talent changed to also reduce all damage taken by 2/4/6% while Righteous Fury is active.
-Improved Divine Shield: talent renamed to Sacred Duty, talent now also increases the Paladin's stamina by 3/6%.
-Spell Warding: talent changed to now reduce all spell damage taken by the Paladin by 2/4%.
-Crusader Strike: cooldown increased to 10 seconds.
-Vengeance: damage bonus reduced to 10%.

Bug Fixes.

-Enchants are now green again.
-Felguard no longer makes the succubus noise when summoned.
-Duel core processing bug fixed
-Map errors mentioned in 2.0.1 Patch notes Fixed.
-Zandalarian Hero Charm now properly uses its charges.


-Netherwind Mantle now has the correct (Pre 2.0) graphic. (Swirly Balls)
-Idol of Ferocity and idol of Brutality changed. Now added damage to Maul and Swipe and Claw and Rip.


-Player can learn past 300 of secondary professions from books. (Purchasable in Outlands,
So Non-expansion owner can use them, but expansion owners need to buy them and put them on AH
-Players require the expansion pack in order to get main professions past level 300.
-New Armorsmithing Recipes: (learnable at Armorsmith Trainer)
-Players can now change Blacksmithing Specializations In Ironforge/Org. for a Fee of 50g

Note: This patch can also be downloaded through WoW's automatic updater.
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